How to install a 2 Line MCB safely and easily

How to install a 2 Line MCB safely and easily

How to install a 2 Line MCB

MCB is an important part of electrical installation in a house. Come, find out how to install a 2-way MCB safely and easily in this article.

In an electrical installation there is a component MCB aka Miniature Circuit Breaker.

This electrical device serves as a safety when there is a short current or short circuit.

MCB is also useful as a means of protection when there is an excessive electrical load on the home installation line.

There are many types of installation schemes Miniature Circuit Breaker commonly used.

One of them is a 2-lane electric MCB which is considered quite effective in 2-storey dwellings.

If there is a disturbance on the second floor which causes the MCB to trip and the lights to go off, then the first floor room will not be affected because of the different roads.

So, how to install an MCB in an electrical installation?

Instead of being curious, just read the explanation below, which is quoted from different sources.

How to install a 2 Line MCB

1. Study the MCB Installation Design

how to install a 2 line MCB


The first step you should take is to first study the MCB electrical installation diagram.

You can follow the example of MCB installation in the image above.

This scheme is considered by electricians to be quite safe, because the total number of new MCBs does not exceed the main MCB.

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To facilitate the installation, it is recommended that the new MCB 6A and 4A input lines are made from below.

While that output placed in the above position and connected to the electrical installation of the house.

2. Prepare Tools and Materials

The next step you need to do is to prepare the necessary carpentry tools and materials

Among them:

  • combined pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Cutter cutter
  • screwdriver +/-
  • MCB 6 Ampere (code C6)
  • MCB 4 Ampere (code C4)
  • Power Cable NYA Type 1 x 2.5mm (Red)
  • NYA Power Cable 1 x 2.5mm (Blue)

3. Assemble the MCB Correctly

electrical MCB circuit


If the necessary tools are available, the next way to install a 2-line MCB is to assemble the electrical installation elements.

It is important to remember, before starting the assembly, you must turn off the power source first to be safe from electric shock.

The steps are as follows:

Make a phase cable jumper (red) for the new MCB ie 6A and 4A.

Cut the NYA cable 1 x 2.5mm, about 6cm long, then strip both ends about 0.5cm.

Then, connect the two MCBs from the bottom position as shown above.

4. Connect Cable

After the MCB 6A and 4A are connected, how to assemble the next MCB, which is to connect the phase cable (red) from the output Main MCB.

Try to make a good cable connection, to minimize the occurrence of an electrical short.

5. Connect to Home Electrical Installation

mcb serves for safety when there is an electrical connection current


How to install the next 2-line MCB, connect the red phase cable from inside the house electrical installation with a cable from output New MCB 6A and 4A.

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6. Connect the Neutral Wire

Finally, connect the blue neutral wire directly to the load of the electrical installation in the house.


Well, this is how to install a 2-lane MCB easily and practically

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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