How to grow vegetables in tight soil. Easy to do!

How to grow vegetables in tight soil. Easy to do!

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How to grow vegetables in a narrow area? Check out the information in this article!

Currently, gardening has become a new hobby for the community.

The abundant free time at home is used to grow different types of vegetables in order to meet the daily food consumption.

Even so, taking care of a vegetable garden at home certainly requires a lot of time and energy, from preparation to execution.

Many things must be prepared to grow vegetables at home, one of which is the preparation of the planting area.

If you have a vacant lot, but the area is limited, that’s fine too that’s it use as a place to grow vegetables.

It is not the same as growing vegetables in a large place, how to grow vegetables in a narrow area has its own way, that’s it.

Well, this time, Berita Indonesia has compiled the information, which you can read in the description below.

How to grow vegetables in tight soil

how to grow vegetables in a narrow area

1. Preparation of planting media

The first way to grow vegetables in a narrow area is to prepare a planting medium.

The planting medium used is loose soil and the composition is balanced between clay, crumb, sand, and contains nutrients.

In addition, to ensure the fertility and loosening of the soil, it is necessary to add other media, such as sand and fertilizer.

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2. Planting process

So, if you have prepared plant seeds with a height of 10 cm, you can put them inside polythene bagpots, or container bags filled with soil with a mixture manure.

Seeds of vegetable seedlings or seedlings are included in the polythene bag in the planting pit.

Then, cover with the media of the surrounding soil and compact lightly.

When the planting process is complete, water the soil with water.

This is done so that the seeds can grow quickly and get enough water.

Then, keep the vegetables in the shade until the plant can adapt well.

3. Maintenance Process

Try to put the plant in a place that gets enough sun.

Sunlight is important for good plant care.

So, vegetable plants also need to maintain the availability of water by watering regularly so that they can grow well.

To keep nutrients in the planting medium, fertilize regularly for 3-4 times until harvest.

Herb for weed control it also has to be done mechanically.

The step taken is to remove the weeds that grow around the plant.

In addition to this, it is also necessary to keep the soil and the roots moist so that the vegetable plants are not too moist because it can cause the growth of fungi and bacteria.

4. Harvest time

how to grow vegetables in a narrow area

How to harvest vegetable crops is based on their use.

Considering that almost all parts of vegetable plants can be used, harvesting times tend to vary, depending on the type of plant.

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The harvesting process is also carried out by taking directly the parts of the plant that will be used and used as medicinal ingredients.

The pieces of the harvested plant are then dried and packed according to their needs, they can be used as a source of new seeds or not.


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