How to grow sweet night flowers. The house becomes more beautiful

How to grow sweet night flowers. The house becomes more beautiful

good night flowers

The presence of tuberose flowers can beautify the house. How to plant and care is relatively easy you know. Come on, let’s see how it is.

The existence of flowering plants will certainly make a difference to the dwelling. The house becomes more beautiful.

One of the flowers that can be an option is the tuberose flower or polyanthes tuberosa.

Tuberose flowers are synonymous Eid al-Fitr. This flower is often presented on Eid.

Usually, before Lebaran, women buy this flower and put it in the living room.

The smell of this flower makes the atmosphere of the house more different. This flower is synonymous with something exotic and fragrant.

So, if you want to make your home smell good, why not plant this flower?

To grow tuberose flowers is not difficult. Property site will review it.

This ornamental plant does not require special treatment in planting, care and others.

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How to grow sweet night flowers

1. Knowing the growing conditions of Sweet Night Flowers

This plant does not really need extra care in relation to the place to grow it.

This flower can be planted on media such as soil or in pots or can be polybags.

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This flower grows well when it is planted in plains with an altitude of 600 to 1500 meters above. sea ​​level.

Do not forget that the soil must have a soil pH temperature of 5-5.7. This plant is not good if it is planted in the middle and high.

2. Understand the reproduction process

This flower also needs a seedling process first so that it is easy to germinate.

Therefore, you can look for the seeds of flowers in the form of bulbs so that they can be propagated and then new ones.

You can choose plant tubers old, at least 1.5 years with a height of 1-2 cm.

After purchasing the bulbs of this flower plant, do not forget to store them for a month

This is how these flowers germinate faster and can also grow perfectly when planted.

3. Carry out the process of preparing the planting media

This flower can be used for planting, as pots or plastic bags, or it can be in the ground. This plant is not fussy.

Keep in mind, a mixture of planting media in the form of soil, charcoal peel, and manure/ compost in the same ratio.

The next step is to mix the planting media mentioned above evenly.

Next, put the planting media in a pot or polybag whose bottom has been perforated for drainage.

Make sure there is a drainage hole so that the plant is not trapped and the roots can rot.

4. Carry out the planting process

When you do the planting process, it’s really easy. Make a 5 cm hole in a pot or a polythene bag that already contains the planting media.

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The next step is to insert the tuber of the tuberose flower plant into the hole. After that, cover the tubers with soil.

Then, don’t forget water plants with water. You have to water regularly so that the bulbs of the plant germinate quickly.

Another step is to take care by paying attention to the humidity of the planting media.

Use night flowers for home decoration

After the tuberose flowers begin to grow and then bloom, you can use them home decor.

You can put tuberose flowers in small or medium flower pots or flower pots.

If in a vase, then this flower was picked from the plant. Meanwhile, if it is still in a pot, you can make an indoor plant.

Potted plants can be placed anywhere from the side table, on the floor, partitions, to cabinets.

Do not forget to water with enough water, clean the leaves, to put them in the sun.

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