How to grow lemongrass and its benefits for your home

How to grow lemongrass and its benefits for your home


Lemongrass, or better known as lemongrass, is one of the plants that has numerous benefits. This long-leaved plant is quite easy to grow and propagate just above ground. However, due to the long leaf shape and lush appearance, lemon grass can often seem boring because it looks almost the same as a bush.

If you have lemongrass plants growing in your yard, don’t rush to prune them. You can improve the appearance of lemongrass plants by planting lemongrass in pots or other planting media to make it look more pleasing to the eye. How to plant lemongrass trees is quite simple. Come on, check out how to plant lemongrass and other tips below!

How to grow lemongrass in pots

In how to plant lemongrass in containers, the first step to take is to prepare green lemongrass stems with intact bulbs. Then soak the lemongrass stalks in water for a few days until they grow roots.

The next step in planting lemongrass trees is to prepare the planting media and containers. Lemongrass trees in containers will thrive with a planting medium consisting of a mix of soil, compost, and coir.

Place the planting medium mixture in a container that has drainage holes. Once the pot is full, place the rooted stalk of lemongrass in the planting medium.

Make sure the lemongrass stalks are plugged in an upright position so that the lemongrass stalks will grow well in the container you have prepared. Then compact the planting medium with soil and water until the surface of the soil is wet. The goal of this step in how to plant lemongrass in containers is to have the lemongrass stems perfectly level.

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Citronella tree care in containers

Once you’ve learned how to plant lemongrass in containers, the next step is naturally to care for it. Planting lemongrass trees in containers will require more care because lemongrass trees do not receive as much water as they would when planted directly in the ground.

You must water the lemongrass tree in pots twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Remember to water the lemongrass tree in pots only on the ground. Lemongrass stems and leaves that are exposed to too much water will be at risk of rotting more quickly and hindering lemongrass growth.

How to grow lemongrass and its benefits for your home


Benefits of lemongrass tree

In addition to being a spice in the kitchen, the benefits of planting lemongrass trees in jars are also related to health. The fragrant aroma of lemongrass is apparently not liked by mosquitoes and some other disease-carrying insects.

The mosquito repellent benefits of lemongrass can also be achieved by planting lemongrass in containers and placing it in areas that are at risk of many mosquitoes. You can also make lemongrass into a mosquito repellent by cutting the stalks of lemongrass into thin slices, and then placing the slices of lemongrass in a dark place where mosquitoes nest.

How to grow lemongrass and its benefits for your home


You can do it spray mosquito repellent from lemongrass leaves. The trick is to puree the stalk of lemongrass with a blender, then mix it with 1 tablespoon of essential oil and 1 cup of water.

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Finally, strain the mixture of ingredients until there is no juice left. The processed lemongrass mosquito repellent is ready to use.

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