How to grow Aloe Vera outdoors and indoors

How to grow Aloe Vera outdoors and indoors

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Friend 99, Do you already know the various benefits of the aloe vera plant? Not only does it help relieve wounds, the plant is one of a kind succulent This can also be a sweet decoration. How to plant aloe vera and care is not difficult, that’s it!

Aloe vera or often called aloe vera Now widely used for cosmetic ingredients.

In addition to soothing wounds, aloe vera is also known for its ability to moisturize the skin.

On the other hand, since ancient times, aloe vera flesh has also been used to nourish hair growth.

There is more, meat from aloe vera it can also be mixed into a cool drink.

There are so many benefits!

So it is not difficult to buy, you can grow this plant at home, that’s it!

It can be in the garden or in the house, see the following steps, OK!

How to grow Aloe Vera at home

How to plant Aloe Vera at home in the garden area

Aloe Vera plant

Reported by from the site, Aloe vera plants are very suitable for living in areas that have a warm climate.

Like Indonesia right?

This is why this plant is suitable for growing outside your home.

Before growing aloe vera in the garden, first make sure that location selected has good water absorption.

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A soil with good absorption means that you do not need to water the aloe vera regularly.

Very easy isn’t it?

How to grow Aloe Vera indoors


Do you love green plants at home, but too lazy to take care of them?

Small aloe vera plants can be a good choice.

Aloe vera is one of the easiest plants to care for.

They do not die easily if they forget water for days.

To get healthy aloe vera, you don’t just have to buy ready-made.

It will be better if you plant it with a healthy soil mixture.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Three medium pieces of aloe vera;
  • Soil mix for succulent;
  • white pebbles;
  • Medium sized ceramic/terracotta vase.

How to plant Aloe Vera in a pot:

  • Add special soil until it almost fills the pot
  • Put the aloe vera in the pot one by one, arranged well
  • Add the soil back to cover the neck of the pot
  • Arrange pebbles on the ground to give a nice impression
  • Rinse the aloe vera with some water.

nah after the process of planting aloe vera in the pot is complete, place the plant in a bright area of ​​the house.

Do not forget to water once or twice a week.

Do not water too often because aloe vera can rot quickly.

How to take care of aloe vera plants to keep growing

aloe vera

You can use aloe vera that has been planted in the garden and in pots at home There you go, friend 99!

Even if you cut the aloe vera stem, it continues to grow.

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How to make it grow back is also very easy!

When you cut this plant, new aloe vera will appear.

You can plant these small shoots in pots or on the lawn.

In addition to this, you can also directly plant pieces of aloe vera plant from the cut leaves.

The trick, cut a few pieces of aloe vera leaves and then take the top 7.5 cm long.

After that, put the leaves in a container full of fertile soil mixture.

After a few days, new leaves appear on the surface of the earth.

When it is big enough, this young aloe vera can be planted in the pot.

Then after the growth, you can feel the extraordinary benefits of aloe vera!

I hope the above tips can be helpful for you, Friend 99!