How to get rid of termites with salt. Guaranteed powerful!

How to get rid of termites with salt. Guaranteed powerful!

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How to eradicate termites with salt is mostly done by the residents of the house because it is proven to be effective. Come, follow step by stepso that the house is far from this annoying attack of pests!

Property People, termites are one of the pests that live in colonies and their presence in the house is very much avoided.

The reason is, this animal often attaches a number of wooden furniture or furniture, such as cabinets, tables, roofs, to the foundation of the house.

Therefore, the presence of termites in the home should not be underestimated.

In fact, some residents are willing to spend just to buy a termite exterminator so that their home is protected from the attacks of these annoying animals.

Launch channel Youtube As for the Wooden House, there is a way to eradicate termites with salt and you can practice.

Also, this method is quite easy and cheap. that’s it.

How to get rid of termites with salt

1. Looking for Termite Entry Points or Gaps

how to get rid of termites with work


The first step you should take is to ensure the presence of termite nests.

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Due to their colonial nature, termite entry points tend to be easy to find.

Termite entry points can be in foundation or furniture cracks, wall holes, and other damaged areas.

Once you know the nest, you have to start preparing the salt you want to use.

2. Dissolve Salt with Water

get rid of termites

source: Rumah Kayu

Mix hot water and salt in equal proportions in a small container.

For example, mix a spoonful of salt and then mix it with half of a medium glass of water.

To be more clear, here are the tools and steps you should prepare.

Tools and materials:

  • Garam
  • A container to dissolve the salt and a spoon to stir the solution
  • Atomizer

How to dilute salt water to get rid of termites

The first way is to take a spoonful of salt and put it in the prepared container.

After that, mix the salt with water, then shake until dissolved.

When the salt is dissolved evenly, add the salt water mixture to the sprayer.

Well, you can start by spraying the salt water solution in the area of ​​the termite nest or in the crack of the termite source that you found earlier.

FYI, saltier water makes termites disappear easily.

Subsequently, the termites will be dehydrated and die in the blink of an eye.

3. Salt can be mixed with tobacco

In addition to combining salt with water, you can also mix salt with cigarette butts that contain tobacco.

After that, soak the mixture of salt and tobacco in water for a few minutes.

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Pour the salt water and tobacco evenly on the areas that are often infested with termites.

It is believed that tobacco mixed with salt repels termites and makes some wooden furniture or furniture in the house safe.

The reason why salt is powerful to get rid of termites

sprinkle with salt

Launch are many reasons why salt is effective in eradicating termites.

1. Effect of heat on the Salt

One of the reasons why salt is effective against termites is the warm sensation caused by the salt.

When the salt touches the surface of the termite skin, the salt will give a warm sensation.

This is why termites do not like salt and will immediately avoid areas or places that contain salt.

2. Salt Absorbs moisture

As is known, termites really like wet areas and often lay eggs in these areas.

Well, water is one of the causes of humidity in a room.

Salt has properties that are able to bind the surrounding water.

Therefore, it is important that you sprinkle salt or saline solution around a room full of salt.


This is how to eradicate termites with salt, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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