How to get rid of flies with powerful salt. Fly Free House!

How to get rid of flies with powerful salt. Fly Free House!

how to get rid of flies at home

Did you know that some ingredients in the kitchen, such as salt, can act as a fly repellent. Go, see how to get rid of flies with salt below.

Fly or fly being one of the insects that often travel and become pests in the house.

These insects often land on food and floor surfaces, so they have the potential to spread various viruses and harmful germs.

Therefore, home owners do everything they can to get rid of flies effectively.

Not only with chemicals, it is discovered how to get rid of flies can also be done with table salt.

Here are some easy steps.

6 Ways to get rid of flies with salt and other materials

1. Use salt water

how to get rid of flies at home with salt water


The first way to get rid of house flies that you should try is to use salt water.

To make this fly medicine, first prepare an empty bottle.

Then, put two tablespoons of salt in the spray bottle that you prepared.

Then, mix the salt with hot water until it dissolves and mix evenly.

2. Mixture of Salt and Turmeric

The next way to get rid of flies at home that you can try is to make a mixture of salt and turmeric.

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The mixture of the two kitchen ingredients is considered effective in preventing insects from roaming in the room.

Properties People simply sprinkle a mixture of salt and turmeric in a room where there are many annoying flies.

In addition to this, you can also sprinkle these two cooking ingredients to prevent flies from landing on food.

3. A Blend of Salt and Pepper

how to repel flies with salt and pepper


The combination of salt and pepper can also be effective as a fly repellent “weapon” at home.

As for killing flies with salt and pepper, you just mix these two ingredients.

Mix the two ingredients with the water in the container.

Then, stir until dissolved and transfer the contents to a spray bottle.

Then, spray the salt and pepper solution to keep the flies away.

4. Combination of Salt and Pepper

The next way to get rid of flies in the room is to mix salt and pepper.

To make this natural fly repellent, boil 2 cups of water and add salt and pepper.

When the mixture of salted water and pepper is cold, then put it in a bottle spray

You just need to spray the liquid as a way to get rid of fruit flies.

The salt and pepper solution is also very effective in getting rid of bathroom flies.

5. Sprinkle salt

how to get rid of flies with a sprinkle of salt


The next way to get rid of flies at home is to sprinkle salt on the areas where there are many of these insects.

In addition to being practical because it does not use mixed ingredients, this quick way to get rid of flies during the day is also effective.

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Don’t you believe? Please try it yourself at home, ok?

6. Use Pandan Leaves as an alternative

In addition to salt, the Proprietary People can also use pandan leaves to repel flies quickly.

Launch from the page who quotes books 300 Tips on Residential Problems published by the Griya Kreasi Team, this step is quite easy.

The first step, cut pandan leaves into smaller pieces.

After that, spread the pieces of pandan leaves in the areas that are infested with flies.

The pungent smell of pandan will make the flies run away and they will not feel in the habit of hanging.


Therefore, there are many ways to get rid of flies with effective salt.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, okay!

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