How to get rid of bad drainage odors. Easy going!

How to get rid of bad drainage odors. Easy going!

how to get rid of drain odor

How to get rid of drain odor? It turned out to be easy, see the explanation of how to get rid of unpleasant odors from the sewer.

The bad smell is one of the side effects of drains or blocked drains.

Of course, the smell is really disturbing, especially if it can be smelled from all the rooms of the house.

In many cases, the sewer or drainage of the house closes for several reasons.

Usually, drainage is clogged because of remainingstrands of hair that fall out, soap residue, and others.

All of this accumulates together and then gets clogged as it flows down the sewer pipe.

This buildup certainly has an impact on two things, namely the flow of water in the sewer does not become smooth.

Then, an unpleasant smell also arises from the pit due to the accumulation of garbage and soil.

Food residues, falling hair, soap residues and others are mixed with other materials.

Then everything rots and bacteria appear. This creates an unpleasant smell.

Property site will review how to get rid of the smell of drainage or sewage in the house.

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How to remove the smell of drainage

1. Clean the bathroom sink regularly

how to get rid of drain odor

If there is a sink bathroomusually used when brushing teeth or shaving.

Count how many members of your family, if there are four or five people, then they use it to brush their teeth at night.

Imagine that there is a toothpaste residue that could stick to the drain from the lake.

If the soil from shaving your beard or mustache is not so dirty when you brush your teeth.

In your household, there is at least one grown man who regularly shaves his mustache and beard.

Get into the habit of cleaning the sink drain every few months so nothing gets wasted.

2. Cleaning the drainage hole in the bathroom

Used soap, shampoo, or air conditioner it will certainly flow through the drain hole in the bathroom.

All family members bathe at least twice a day. Counting how much soap and shampoo is left?

Soap and shampoo will remove dirt from the body, there could be dirt stuck in it watercourses.

Of course, for those of you who have long hair, the rest of the hair can be stuck in the drains. Get used to picking up the rest of the hair that falls on the bathroom floor.

Then throw it in the trash. Do not let the rest of the hair clog the drain.

3. Cleaning the dining room sink

There are many houses that have a sink dining roommaybe it’s like that in your house too.

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After finishing eating or before eating, people can immediately wash their hands thoroughly.

Food waste, especially when eaten with your hands, can get stuck in the drain.

4. Cleaning the kitchen sink

The lake is one of the sources of contributors to the block of the pit in the house.

The trash that is thrown away is not less than the bathroom, it can also be more complex.

Food residues, drinks, oil after cooking, sauce, and others can enter the drain.

The rest of the food must be given up first, but not the rest of the drink, the vegetable sauce, or the rest of the oil.

Imagine that the rest of everything mixed with food fat is stuck in the drain little by little.

You have to filter everything so that it becomes a step and a way to remove the smell of drainage.

If it is not filtered, then all this dirt gets into the water line to cause an odor.

Get used to cleaning to wash every day after cooking so that there is no shortage of food and drink.

You can use baking soda powder or vinegar to remove grease and food particles that are in the pipeline.

Also, make a habit of not throwing the soil in the sink or sink to prevent it from getting dirty.

How to get rid of sewer smell

how to get rid of drain odor

In addition to the problem of odor from the drainage, The owner of the house must have had a problem with sewer or sewage odors.

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Surely you think how to get rid of the smell of the sewer in front of the house, aka how to get rid of the smell of the sewer?

Or how to deal with smelly sewage? Well, actually it is easy that you know how to deal with it.

1. Cleaning Sewers Regularly

Just clean the gutters or drains regularly so that there is no trash or dust that accumulates.

The smell arises because there is soil that is stuck and then the bacteria appear, after which an unpleasant smell appears.

2. Do not dispose of Garbage carefully

Never throw trash down the drain. This is definitely irresponsible at all.

Get into the habit of throwing trash in the trash. If necessary, you have to sort the waste that can be recycled or not.

3. Plant Flowers Like Roses or Jasmine in the garden

Decorative plants such as roses and jasmine can be a choice of flowers in the garden because they produce a fragrant smell.

You can plant these two flowers in pots to put on the porch or in the house so that the house smells good.

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