How to get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna. Easy going!

How to get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna. Easy going!

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How to get digital TV broadcasts with an ordinary antenna can be done in a number of easy steps, that’s it. Curious? Follow the explanation through the next article!

The public is urged to change analog TV to digital as stated by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo).

Therefore, there are concerns because some residents think that they have to buy a new TV that already facilitates digital broadcasts.

Relax, you can get digital TV broadcasts with old TVs or tubes in different ways.

In fact, digital TV broadcasts can be obtained with an ordinary antenna, that’s it.

So, how do you get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna?

According to various sources, here are the steps you can take.

5 ways to get digital TV broadcasts with regular antennas

1. Make sure digital TV broadcasts are available

how to get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna

The first way to get digital TV broadcasts with an ordinary antenna is to make sure that digital TV broadcasts are available by checking the place or area in which you live.

You can access digital broadcast sites leasa or by downloading the “Digital TV Signal” application via Google Play Store.

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If you have downloaded the application, there will be a description of the permission request later.

This application will also show a map location depending on where you live.

Check on the color map that appears, then match the place where you live to be able to use digital TV broadcasts.

2. It has a UHF Antenna

uhf antenna


Watching digital TV broadcasts can use a UHF antenna that is usually used to watch analog TV broadcasts.

Therefore, do not rush to throw away the UHF antenna because it can still be used when you want to switch to digital TV broadcasting.

For information, this UHF antenna can also be used indoors or outdoors.

3. Have a DVB-T2 T0p Box Set

set top box


Next, the way to get a digital TV broadcast with a regular antenna is to have a DVB-T2 set top box.

If you haven’t had it so far, you can get a free set top box from Kominfo with default conditions.

You need to know, not all people can get this tool for free, that’s it.

This is because there are several conditions that must be met:

  • Poor people who are registered with the DTKS of the Ministry of Social Affairs or the apparatus of the regional social sector
  • Have an analog TV
  • Attach KTP
  • Have a residence in an area affected by the discontinuation of analog TV broadcasts

If you do not meet these requirements, you can buy in the nearest electronics store.

4. Connecting Set Top Box to Analogue TV

how to get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna


To get digital TV broadcasts with a regular antenna, the next method you can practice is to connect a set top box to your TV with an AV cable.

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Connect the cable to harbor the end of the color shown on TV as red, yellow and white.

Ensure installation harbor depending on the color and later the STB will help to search for digital TV signals captured by the antenna.

Also, try keeping the TV in AV mode and then connecting the STB to the AV 1, AV 2, etc cables.

Next, turn on the STB and press “menu” on the remote, then look for the automatic channel search option.

When it is finished, “save” the agar setting-what has been done does not change.

5. Looking for digital broadcasts with analog TV

looking for digital TV broadcasts


After the TV is connected to the set top box, turn on the STB device and look for the AV menu on the TV, then select the setting option.

Continue by selecting the search menu as mentioned before by pressing the button that points to “Auto Scan“.

To follow the methods above, you don’t need to buy a new TV and some antenna because it turns out that you can still use a regular TV and antenna.


That’s how to get digital TV broadcasts with an ordinary antenna, friends.

Easy enough, right?

I hope the information is useful, yes.

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