How to Get Clear Temper Code to remove Checkword

How to Get Clear Temper Code to remove Checkword

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How to get a clear temper code to remove the control word on the PLN electricity meter? Find out more here.

The electrical installation at home is not only related to electrical cables, but also various equipment.

One of the things that is not spared is the installation of an electricity meter, so that it works optimally and is easy.

Of course, when installing the electricity, you had problems because the light of the meter is on and you see the words “verify” which can cause the electricity to go out.

The writing is because the seal of the meter has been opened, so you have to enter the clear tempered code to remove the control word.

This happens often, considering that the PLN electricity seal cannot be opened arbitrarily other than the PLN.

If you have already done so, how do you have a clear tempered code to remove the control word? Check out the discussion together!

What is PLN’s Clear Tamper code?

PLN Tamper Clear Code Example


Clear Tamper is a 20-digit token that is used to reactivate a prepaid meter that is already open at the terminal lid.

A sign if the meter terminal cover in your house is open has the words “Check” on the meter display.

This code was created with the aim of making it easier for PLN officials to deal with interference with prepaid meters, especially outside of working hours.

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Tamper Clear codes are also created with the aim of reducing fraud or theft of electricity by modifying the inside of the electricity meter.

This tamper can be said to be the security code on the electricity meter.

How to get PLN Clear Temper Code to remove control words

remove the tamper code to remove the control word


You cannot remove the word control if you have not obtained a valid PLN tamper code, because it is obtained directly from PLN.

Regarding this, you have to contact PLN or you can go directly to the nearest office, considering that not only anyone can get it.

If the electricity meter has the words “verify” and cannot be filled with an electricity token, then you must contact PLN123 to have a clear temper code to remove the control word.

Enter the Tamper code on the electricity meter

Check the electric meter

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After you have the official code, you can enter the code into your electricity meter at home.

If you are still in doubt, you can follow how to enter the clear tempered code to remove the following verification words:

  1. The meter is active and says “Check”
  2. Enter the numbers from the existing code one by one.
  3. If all the token codes have been entered, it is necessary to press the “Enter” button or the arrow on the meter.
  4. If successful, the words “Verify” will disappear and you can pick up the electricity token again.

When the Temper code doesn’t work

Not infrequently, the entered code does not work, or is incorrect because there is a wrong number in the 20 numbers that have been given by PLN.

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Therefore, it is better to return the tempered code that was previously reported by PLN.

Make sure you have calculated and entered each entered number so that it is not incorrect.

Because if there is only one wrong number, then the code will not work and the words “Check” will always be there.

If it has not been resolved, then you have to contact PLN and explain the problem of the electricity meter.

Later, if it has been fully explained, PLN will provide a new code or come directly to the place for further inspection, so that the electricity of the house works properly.

These are some important things as a way to get a clear tempered code to remove the verification word, hopefully it will be useful for the Properties!

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