How to fix the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on

How to fix the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on

The TV cannot turn on but the power light is on

Find out a number of ways to solve the TV can not turn on, but the lights power life Do not forget to check some of the causes of the problem.

Maybe you’ve experienced broken electronic equipment, the TV can’t turn on but the lights power dead or otherwise.

Or is the TV turning off suddenly which is the cause? What is the cause of the TV has no picture but has sound.

After some time of use, there is usually a problem with the electronic equipment until a problem appears.

Lost image, unable to capture broadcast, cracked screen, or various other problems.

Although this electronic equipment is a means of entertainment at home with the family, the emergence of problems is certainly an annoying thing.

moment property persons I want to turn on the television but I can’t, but the lights powerit lights up, which is confusing.

Property site will discuss how to solve the TV can not turn on, but the lights power live, citing a number of sources.

the television won't turn on


Finding the Cause The TV can’t turn on but the power light is on

Before looking for ways to solve this problem, you should know some of the causes.

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Depending on the page who mentions Remove and replacethere are many causes.

1. Loose Power Cord

The reason why the Polytron TV cannot turn on, but the power light is on, could be why power cable loose

The same thing happened to other brands of television, it could be because the television was moved or moved.

2. Problems with Elco

Another problem is on the elco side, this is related standby modethe television does not turn on even if the power is turned on.

This answers that the LG TV can not turn on but the lights power life, it can happen to other brands of television.

3. Horizontal flyback It doesn’t work

Why the Sony TV can not turn on, it could be because of the horizontal flyback which is not working, it is not receiving input signal from conductor.

The cause of the malfunction of the driver can also be due to the absence of voltage.

4. Voltage on the Regulator Decreasing

For what LED TV no flame? There may be a voltage problem so the voltage on the regulator drops.

This can cause the television to not turn on even if the button is on power turn on.

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How to overcome the TV can not turn on but the lights power The life

1. Disconnecting All Television Cables

You can remove all the cables that are attached, then put them back to find out the cause.

2. Check the voltage

Try measuring the voltage on the B + 115TV section, if the result is B + normal, check the horizontal transistor section.

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After taking measurements, you can see the opposite result, you can remove the horizontal transistor.

You can get back to check, if there are no results then the problem comes from power supply.

3. Check in Television After-Sales Service

If you have problems with electronic equipment, just try to take it to an after-sales service or a service point home appliances.

All kinds of problems from the Panasonic TV to the lights power lamps, which is the cause of the TV there is no picture but there is sound.

LED TV backlight on but there are no pictures or anything else, you can ask the professional experts.

4. Do Soft Reset

How to solve this problem can also be done soft resetsee a number of stages.

a. Turn off and unplug the television cable from the wall outlet

b. Waited for about 30 seconds

c. Replaced the cable and turn on the televisionit helps to calibrate the television

5. Replaced Elco

If interference is found in the Elco component, just replace it with a new one.

Wow, it turns out that the way to deal with the TV can not turn on but the lights power enlightened, much too yes. So there is no need to worry.

In another article, will discuss how to solve problems with other electronic devices.

How to fix a dead Samsung TV stand by or other problems, there is no need to worry anymore.

Don’t forget to read article to get interesting information about property to lifestyle.

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