How to fix the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on

How to fix the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on

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The TV can not turn on, but the power light is off is often experienced by many people. What do you think is the cause and how to fix it? Go ahead, see the full review through the following article.

The TV is one of the electronic goods whose existence is quite important in the house.

In fact, as one of the entertainment media, people are willing to choose some TV brands at high prices so that the quality is guaranteed.

However, it does not exclude the television that we have damaged over years of use.

The TV can not turn on, but the power light is on is one of the most common damages, that’s it.

This can happen due to many factors or causes.

What are the causes?

Because the TV can’t turn on but the power light is on

1. Loose Power Cord

A loose power cord is one of the causes of the TV not turning on, but the power light is on.

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This cause can also be when the television is moved to another area so that the cables connected behind are loosened or disconnected.

2. Component Here Problematic

the tv can't turn on but the power light is on

Component he the problem could be the cause of the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on.

This condition is known as death stand by causing the television to not turn on, but the power indicator light is still on.

2. Horizontal Fly back It doesn’t work

The horizontal circuit not working properly is the reason why the television cannot turn on even though the power light is on.

Normally, horizontal transistors short it does not receive an input signal from the driver so this component is not active.

Meanwhile, the cause of the horizontal driver is not working because the voltage for the driver does not exist because the transistor of the driver is dead.

3. Voltage Regulator Drop

In general, the voltage drop regulator can cause some problems on the TV.

In addition to the television not turning on, another cause is that the TV has no picture.

This may be due to interference from the TV controller component.

The reason is that the voltage drop regulator causes the TV not to turn on and it usually only happens at a few high voltage levels.

How to fix a TV that won’t turn on, but the power light is on

Basically, overcoming a dead TV even if the power light is on can be done in several ways. something?

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1. Remove All Cables and open the TV Frame

fix the broken tv

The first way you can do it is to open the TV frame.

However, first make sure that all cables are not connected to an electrical current.

Next, take a voltage measurement on the B+115 part of the television.

Generally, there will be 2 conditions that you will find.

First, if the measurement shows B + normal, then proceed to the horizontal transistor component check.

Second, if B+ is not normal, aka drop, then remove or remove the horizontal transistor and measure again if it drops or not.

If it has not fallen, the main problem is in the transistor.

However, if it goes down, then it is possible power supply which is problematic.

If you feel confused and do not know the components of the TV, you should call a technician.

2. Use Button Change Channel

The next way is to use the button change the channel volume

Then press the button change or volume, but there is no change, then there is a component in the TV that has a problem or has been damaged.

If the TV screen does not change and remains dead, the main cause is in the component he which is problematic.

This condition causes the television to turn off stand byi.e. the television is off but the power light is on.

You can replace it he new ones that can be found in electronics stores.

However, a note that should be noted is the similarity of the specifications he.

Choose specifications and features he which is the same as he TV first.

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3. How to fix the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on Soft Reset

the tv can't turn on but the power light is on

Another alternative way is to do it soft reset.

The steps are as follows.

  • Turn off and unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  • Wait about 30 seconds, then turn the power back on.
  • Then, try to insert the plug into the wall outlet and then turn on the TV.
  • Done, this method can help the calibration process and the TV will return to normal.


It is the review of the TV can not turn on, but the power light is on, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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