How to fix a Totally Dead Fan, you can do it yourself!

How to fix a Totally Dead Fan, you can do it yourself!

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How to fix a completely dead fan, you may be able to do it yourself without the help of a handyman, that’s it. What are the steps? Go read the review here!

The fan is one of the electronic items whose existence is very important.

Especially for those of you who live in urban areas with a relatively warm climate.

In addition to the affordable price compared to air conditioner (AC), the fan is more practical because it can be placed in many corners of the house.

Just decide according to your needs, whether to choose a standing fan or a sitting fan.

However, one of the problems that fans often encounter is the high level of damage.

In fact, it is not uncommon for the headlight to die completely with use and age.

So, how to fix a totally dead fan?

How to Fix a Totally Dead Fan

1. Check the Power Cable

how to fix a totally dead fan

The first step on how to fix a completely dead fan is to check the power cable.

In any case, make sure first that the fan is not connected to an electrical current, yes.

Next, use a multimeter or AVO meter to determine cable damage.

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If there is damage caused by a broken part, it means that you have to replace the part of the cable.

The reason is, in some cases, people already think that the fan is completely dead and permanently damaged, although it could only be due to damage to the power cable.

2. Check the speed setting button

A multimeter or an AVO meter is a tool you need to have when you want to know how to fix a dead fan.

In this second step, check the connection of each cable connected to the panel.

Usually there are 2 to 3 cables to the fan dynamo and 1 cable from the power source.

How to check, set the AVO meter switch to x1 or x10, then paste probe on each cable to the dynamo in turn.

If the needle moves to the right it means there is a connection and it means the fan coil is still good.

Meanwhile, if the needle on the AVO meter does not move, it is possible that there is damage or a broken part of the fuse or thermal fuse.

3. Ensure Circuit Breaker is Connected

broken fan cable


If the cable, plug, and power supply are OK, try checking the purpose circuit breaker to make sure there is a power supply at the outlet.

The way to fix a completely dead fan is to open the circuit breaker panel and then make sure the circuit breaker is connected properly.

This problem often occurs when the fan has been in use for too long.

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Old fans tend to draw too much power, causing damage to the circuit breaker.

4. Check the Fuse Section

After checking the external condition of the fan, the next step is to check the fuse.

Some fans have a fuse to disconnect the electricity.

This disconnection occurs when the electric current is too strong, causing the fan engine to overheat.

So what happens if the fuse blows because the fan is too hot?

Yes, the flow and electrical connection to the fan can be cut.

Therefore, check the wiring and the inside of the fan to determine the condition of the fuse.

5. Check the Condition of the Internal Cable

The next way to fix a completely dead fan is to check the internal cable.

Choose this method if the fan does not work after checking the plug or electrical connection, even after checking the fuse.

You have to make sure that the cable in the fan is not worn, loose, bent or broken.

If the internal cable is damaged, replace the cable with a new one and make sure it matches the type of plug.

6. Apply Lubricants to the Fan Machine

The last step you can do when you find that the fan has died completely is to apply lubricant to the fan engine.

Open the fan motor cover and lubricate the gears and clutch knob in the center where the blade attaches and turns.

Here are the steps that need to be done:

  • Remove the center fan cover
  • Direct the lubricant to the center
  • Lubricate while turning the blade by hand so that the lubricant spreads evenly.
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That’s how to fix a totally dead fan.

Hope useful, Property People.

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