How to fix a leaking washing machine without having to call a repairman!

How to fix a leaking washing machine without having to call a repairman!

washing machine loss

Learn more about how to fix a leaking washing machine and its causes here.

The washing machine is a type of essential equipment for the home, even the damage that occurs will cause dominoes.

If this happens, then how to fix a washing machine leaking washing machine seems to be a must for washing clothes.

Not infrequently, washing machine damage factors can be caused by various things, technical and non-technical due to: daily use.

Meanwhile, the leak will have a great effect so that the machine does not work optimally.

How to easily fix a leaking washing machine? Check out the discussion together!

Causes of washing machine leaks

Drain on the laundry


There are many factors for a home washing machine leak, including:

1. Leak in the Front of the Washing Machine

The cause of leaks in top-loading washing machines is caused by a blocked or tilted pipe.

A clogged washer is caused by excess suds or improperly mixed laundry.

To test if you use too much detergent can be done by taking freshly washed clothes and putting them in a bowl before drying.

Another contributing factor is due to overloading the washing machine, so it leaks more easily.

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2. Leaks behind the Washing Machine

The next leak factor is at the back of the washing machine.

The step you can take is to remove the hose and then you will find a plastic block that must be removed and disposed of.

In addition, the leak is also caused by the drain pipe not being properly attached to the drainage pipe. Clogged washing machine cycle.

3. Washing Machine Bottom Leak

If there is a leak under the washing machine, it indicates that there is a hole in the water pump that needs to be replaced to prevent water from falling directly into the motor.

How to fix a leaking washing machine

There are several ways to easily fix a leaking washing machine, complete with the following steps.

1. Check the rubber parts of the washing machine

Rubber for washing machine

Source: Blibli

You can fix a leaking washing machine by checking the water trap in the drain.

The rubber function is used to keep the water from leaking, and it opens to release the rotating water.

The reason is that the rubber is the cause of the washing machine leaks because it cannot accommodate the water optimally.

The rubber is in the drain of the washing machine, so it is necessary to open the back of the washing machine.

When the rubber is still in good condition, make sure that there is nothing blocking the water channel like coins, or paper.

2. Replaced the Leaking Washing Machine Hose

Pipe leak

Source: YouTube/Light Engineering

The cause of the loss of the washing machine is caused by a leaky pipe and infiltration, so that Waste water comes out from under the washing machine.

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The best thing you can do is replace the washing machine hose by opening the back.

In addition, the connection point between the hose and the drain of the washing machine can be removed if there is a cable.

Then attach the new hose by pressing while rotating the tube hose, then attach the cable ties so that they do not leak.

If there is no cable link, it can be replaced by wire.

3. How to Fix a Washing Machine Leaking Due to a Dynamo

How to fix a leaking washing machine dynamite


In addition to the hoses and rubber, the cause of the leak in the washing machine is also related to the dynamo of the engine and the gearbox, because they are not able to hold water.

The damage to the gearbox can be seen with the amount of water that wets the gearbox which is very dangerous.

In this case, you expect to be able to replace a new gearbox, but it is good to know how to repair a washing machine that leaks, opening below:

  1. Turn the washing machine so that the bottom of the washing machine is on the side, followed by unscrewing all the bolts that hold the washer.
  2. Open the bottom of the washing machine so you can see the gearbox.
  3. Next, unscrew the bolt on the gearbox.
  4. Next, unscrew the bolt attached to the tube.
  5. Remove the gearbox and replace with a new one
  6. Put all the parts back in the washing machine, don’t miss anything.

Here are some steps on how to easily fix a leaking washing machine and its causes.

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