How to fix a gas water heater that is not lit at home, complete!

How to fix a gas water heater that is not lit at home, complete!

how to repair a gas water heater

Find out how to fix a gas water heater that won’t turn on and its causes, which you can find here.

There are two types of water heaters that are widely used by people today, namely electric heaters and gas cylinder heaters.

Both types of water heaters each have advantages and disadvantages for everyday needs.

On some occasions, water heaters from gas cylinders tend to be more used because they generate heat instantly.

In addition to being more instant, the installation of gas water heaters also tend to be more affordable so that many people are interested.

However, it turns out that gas water heaters are not free of many problems that must be considered carefully and precisely.

Therefore, you should also know how to fix a gas water heater that does not turn on at home so that it continues to function optimally.

How to fix a gas water heater that won’t turn on and what causes it? Check out the discussion together!

Causes of gas water heater not turning on at home

How to fix a gas water heater that won't turn on at home


Before you know how to solve it, you also need to know some of the causes of the gas water heater that does not turn on like this:

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1. Disconnection of Relay Components

Relay is a device whose job is to cut the electricity when a short circuit occurs, even all water heaters have been equipped with these components.

So, if an electronic device has a problem with the flow of electricity, the relay detects and cuts the electricity suddenly, so fires can be prevented.

The position of the relay on the gas water heater is in the middle of the power button, when you disassemble the cable section you will find a special box.

If the indicator is off, the gas water heater is definitely not lit.

2. Damage to Heat Element

The next cause is the damage to the hot element of the gas water heater in the house which is located on the side of the wall.

The water heater uses a heat source other than gas cylinders, it also comes from sunlight.

If this element is damaged, then the water heater cannot be used so it must be checked again.

If it still generates heat after giving a current, then the water heater from this gas cylinder can also be used.

3. LPG gas

The source of the problem is not only from the water heating device, but it can occur due to gas cylinder problems.

When it is used, it is not impossible that the LPG gas cylinder that you use to heat the water is in an exhausted condition, so it cannot be used.

The place of LPG gas in the water heater is in the ignition tank.

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How to fix a gas water heater that won’t turn on at home

Gas water heater in home won't turn on

Source: YouTube/Eko Oke

Find out how to fix a gas water heater that won’t turn on at home with the following steps:

1. If the water heater does not work after the hot water tap is opened, check the condition of the battery because water heater requires a voltage of 3 volts to operate optimally.

2. If the condition of the battery is good, there will be a sound of sparks followed by the sound of the igniter indicating that gas is starting to enter the water heater.

3. If there is no fire in the ignition, then make sure that the LPG is in good condition and full.

Also, when the LPG gas is empty, replace the gas with a new one so that it works optimally.

If it has been replaced, but there is no ignition on the water heater, make sure that the gas can pass through the regulator and the end of the gas water hose.

4. If you still experience the same problem, then the water pressure at the water heater inlet is strong enough.

This is due to the shower faucet not opening enough or due to the problem of low water discharge (if the water pressure does not meet the requirements, the installation, then use a pump strengthen).

5. After the water pressure is in accordance with the requirements of the installation, but there is no change, then check the gas pressure in the gas inlet and the volume of water engagement for balance.

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If the water pressure is too great, the water will not automatically press the lighter.

Here are some things you need to know about how to fix a gas water heater that won’t turn on at home and its causes.

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