How to find the latest channel Lost Trans 7, it’s easy!

How to find the latest channel Lost Trans 7, it’s easy!

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Channel Is Trans 7 missing and you can’t watch your favorite shows? Calm down, see how to find it channel The missing Trans 7 is accompanied by the latest frequency code via the following article!

Trans 7 is one of the channel which has a variety of fun and educational events so that it is very loved by the people of Indonesia.

However, as analog TV changes to digital and other problems, it is not uncommon channel this suddenly disappeared.

Channel Trans 7 is usually lost due to a frequency change process in many regions in Indonesia so that its transmissions cannot be captured by ordinary antennas.

Therefore, in the process of change, some regions were not able to catch Trans 7 broadcasts.

Launch hargaalat.idhow to find channel Lost tans 7 is quite easy to pass the channel frequency code and equalize with the Trans 7 frequency code itself.

Before that, you need to know the latest Trans 7 code.

The reason is, the frequency on each satellite and antenna is certainly different. Go, read to the end!

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Latest Trans 7 frequency code

1. Telkom 4 Trans 7 Frequency in Digital TV

watch digital TV

It’s the same as searching channel RCTI on digital TV, frequency channel Trans 7 is also now starting to change and often uses Telkom 4 digital TV frequencies.

Frequency Channel Trans 7 Mpeg 2

Data information
Channel Trans 7 SD
Transponder 3906 H 6249
Frequency 3906 Mhz
Polarity Horizontal
Symbol fee 6249
Satellite Telecom 4
position 108.0°E
Pcr Pid 72
Video format Mpeg 2
Video Pid 72
Audio Pd 73

Frequency Channel Trans 7 Mpeg 4

Data information
Channel Trans 7 High Definition
Transponder 3888 H 9599/9600
Frequency 3988 Mhz
Polarity Horizontal
Symbol fee 9599,9600
Satellite Telecom 4
position 108.0°E
Pcr Pid 45
Video format Mpeg 4
Video Pid 46
Audio Pd 45

Frequency Channel Trans 7 UHF Various Regions

Region/Territory Trans 7 UHF Frekuensi Frequency
Banda Aceh 42 UHF
Bandung 44 UHF
Balikpapan 56 UHF
Banjarmasin 22 UHF
Batam 59 UHF
Bengkulu 36 UHF
Cirebon 50 UHF
Denpasar 45 UHF
Garut 44 UHF
Gorontalo 52 UHF
Legs 41 UHF
Jakarta 49 UHF
Jayapura 22 UHF
Jember 48 UHF
Kediri 56 UHF
Kupang 36 UHF
Lampung 22 UHF
Madison 50 UHF
While 41 UHF
Malang 49 UHF
Makassar 41 UHF
Manatee 32 UHF
I love you 22 UHF
Padang 23 UHF
Palembang 22 UHF
Pekanbaru 30 UHF
Purwokerto 23 UHF
Pontianak 31 UHF
hammer 29 UHF
Semarang 41 UHF
alone 46 UHF
Sukabumi 44 UHF
Samarinda 49 UHF
Sumedang 35 UHF
Tegal 41 UHF
Yogyakarta 46 UHF

Frequency Channel Trans 7 Ku Band

Satellite Thaikom 4
Coordinates 119.5 E
Frequency 11686
Polarity V
Symbol fee 6666
System MPEG4
Quality SD
Type Free to Air
Type Mini plate
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Supplier Next Parable
Satellite Ses 9
Coordinates 108.2 E
Frequency 11921
Polarity V
Symbol fee 45000
System MPEG4
Quality SD
Type Free to view
Type Mini parable
Satellite Asiasat 9
Coordinates 122.0 E
Frequency 12655
Polarity V
Symbol fee 45000
System MPEG4
Quality SD
Type Free to Air
Type Mini plate
Satellite Measat 3a
Coordinates 91.4 E
Frequency 12436
Polarity H
Symbol fee 31000
System MPEG4
Quality SD
Type Free to Air
Type Mini plate
Satellite Measat 3b
Coordinates 91.5 E
Frequency 12563
Polarity V
Symbol fee 30000
System MPEG4
Quality HD
Type Free to Air
Type Mini plate
Supplier SMV Freesat
Satellite ABS 2A
Coordinates 75.0 E
Frequency 12290
Polarity V
Symbol fee 44000
System MPEG4
Quality SD
Type Free to view
Type Mini plate

Frequency Channel Trans 7 FTV

Supplier Channel Carrier
Transgressions K Band 12563 V 30000
Next Parable K Band 11921 V 45000
K Vision C Band 3600V 31000
Topas TV C Band 3960 H 30000

Transponder Trans 7 Pay TV K-Vision

Satellite Transponder information
Telecom 4 4060 V 31000 MPEG 2 SD
Telecom 4 3860 V 31000 MPEG 4 HD

Transponder Trans 7 TP ChinaSat 10 & 11

Satellite Transponder information
China Sat 10 3560V 30000 FTA
China Sat 11 12560 V 43200 FTA

Transponder Trans 7 Telkom 3S

Satellite Transponder information
Telkom 3S 3547 H 6000 FTA
Telkom 3S 12560 H 10000 Transgressions

Transponder Trans 7 JCSAT 4B & Thaicom 4

Satellite Transponder information
JCSAT 4B 12602 H 15000 FTA
Thaicom 4 11686 V 666 TO MAKE

Transponder Trans 7 Measat 3A & 3B

Satellite Transponder information
Measat 3a 12436 H 31000 FTA
Measat 3b 12563 V 30000 Transgressions
Measat 3b 12643 H 30000 Transgressions

Transponder Trans 7 TP Ses 7 & 9

Satellite Transponder information
SES 9 2565 H 22500 MNC Vision
SES 9 11024 V 15675 FTA
SES 9 11101 V 45000 Matrix Garuda
SES 9 11101 V 45000 FTA
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It is a list of frequencies to find the missing Trans 7 sign, Property People.

After knowing the list, the next is a discussion about how to find it channel The Trans 7 missing.

How to search Channel The Lost Trans 7

how to find the missing trans channel 7


To notice, to find channel Trans 7 is missing, you have to do a frequency search first.

The steps are to enter the Trans 7 transponder as listed in the discussion list above.

Next, create a satellite name to be able to receive signals from Telkom 4 180 E.

Always the same source, here’s how to find it channel Trans 7 manually.

  • enter channel Trans 7 manually activated receiver.
  • Change the frequency code and symbol rate
  • Enter the new transponder code.
  • Go to settings receiver past far away (menu button).
  • On the installation menu, press “TP List”, then the numerical data will appear.
  • Press the change button and enter the new transponder code.
  • Double-check the transponder number code, if sure, press the “Search” button.
  • By the time channel Trans 7 was found, it means you succeeded.
  • Finally, save the search.


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