How to find digital TV broadcasts in an easy and practical way

How to find digital TV broadcasts in an easy and practical way

How to search for digital TV broadcasts manually

Find out how to find digital TV shows easily and practically everywhere below

In the near future, the transition to digital TV broadcasting will continue to be implemented throughout Indonesia.

In fact, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will gradually stop analog transmissions.

Therefore, the government has prepared STB equipment with full assistance to facilitate digital TV transmission.

Although it is based on digital broadcasts, it is not uncommon for these TV channels to experience signal loss so that they cannot be enjoyed by many people.

If this happens, there are many ways to find digital TV broadcasts that are easy and practical to do at home.

How is the process? Check out the discussion together!

How to find digital TV broadcasts at home

Indonesian digital TV broadcast

Source: Entertainment.

Check out the steps to get digital releases manually below:

1. Press Menu on Remote Television

You can press the “Menu” button on the TV control, then use the direction buttons to enter the “Channels” section of the “Menu”.

After entering the “Menu”, you can press the “Enter” or “OK” button to go to the “Channels” section.

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2. Select Channel Scan Option

The next step you can take to search for digital TV broadcasts is to perform a channel scan option.

Use the directional buttons to navigate to the “Channel” menu, then press the “Enter” or “OK” button to select a channel scan option.

3. Select Channel Type

If you have entered the channel scan, you can look for the channel type option in the device control.

Again use the directional buttons as one of the ‘Channel Type’ options on your home TV.

If the channel you are looking for is digital TV, then select the option of all channels or digital broadcast only.

To continue the search, press “Enter” or “OK”.

You are also required to wait until the scanning process is complete with a fairly short time.

How to troubleshoot DIGITAL TV broadcasts when they are not detected

On several occasions, there was a problem with digital TV broadcasts, even when the TV channel was not detected properly.

To overcome this, there are several ways to do the following:

1. Change Antenna Position

Digital TV antenna signal transmitter


The antenna change is very influential on digital broadcasts that are not intentionally detected by the wind, the weather or the animals that perch.

If the condition of the TV has become less clear, you can check the position of the TV antenna if it has changed or not.

If it has changed a little, move it a little until the transmission display returns to its original state.

2. Check the Antenna Cable

Antenna cable


The next thing can be caused by a broken or damaged antenna cable as the cause of lost TV broadcasts.

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If this problem affects you, it is a good idea to replace the antenna cable with a high quality one.

Not only to improve the quality of the image, the cable can last a long time.

3. Check the Network Antenna Connector

Jack TV connector

Sum: YouTube/Julio Tube

The connection jacks of the antenna cable to the TV should also be checked to identify problems with the transmission.

This part is the cause of the TV can not see the image, so this component must be checked periodically if the cable is damaged.

4. Use Antenna Booster

Digital antenna booster


In addition to cables and connection networks that are a problem in digital TV broadcasts, other factors are also caused by a poor antenna capture.

The solution you can do is to buy and install an antenna booster so that the transmission is clearer for different shows, so that you become more comfortable while watching.

These are some ways to easily find digital TV broadcasts and how to solve if the broadcast is not detected.

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