How to fill your own Freon Refrigerator at home, it’s easy!

How to fill your own Freon Refrigerator at home, it’s easy!

how to fill the freon of the refrigerator itself

It turns out that how to fill the refrigerator with freon is easy, here we go! There is no need to call a technician to do it, you will save even more!

Basically, all household electronics that cool themselves use freon to achieve this function.

Freon is what keeps electronics like air conditioners and refrigerators cool.

To produce cold air, the refrigerator needs a refrigerant (refrigerant) in the form of freon.

Refrigerant freon contains aliphatic compounds containing hydrogen, chlorine or bromine.

After being used for a certain period of time, freon can run out.

Running Out of Freon Could Be One of the Causes of the Refrigerator Not Cooling

the refrigerator is not cold because the freon flows

One of the causes of the refrigerator that is not cooled is that the freon is reduced or has escaped.

The reduction of freon is not only to be used for a certain period of time, but it can also be caused by a leak at the beginning of the welding, because there is a block in the filtration process.

When it happens that the freon of the refrigerator flows, what is usually done is to call a refrigerator service and ask to refill the freon.

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But in some places, there are also those who have difficulty finding refrigerator service.

If that happens, of course, we don’t want to have to wring our brains so that the cold can stay cold.

Instead of relying on the refrigerator service, the Owners can here we go fill your own refrigerator freon at home.

Actually, how to fill the refrigerator freon is more complicated than filling the AC freon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself!

If you follow how to fill the refrigerator freon below, Property People can also be successful.

Let’s listen!

Tools for filling Freon at home

how to fill the freon of the refrigerator

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Before filling the freon in the refrigerator, make sure that the Property People has prepared the following equipment.

– Freon (corresponds to the label found on the compressor, example: 134a, R12)

– Pliers (to tighten the filter and the capillary tube)

– Vacuum machine (if there is no vacuum machine, use it spotter tube)

– Manifold gauge

– Pipe welding

– Valves

– Filter

– methyl

How to fill your own refrigerator with Freon at home

fill the fridge with freon

1. Welding of the valve on the pipe

The first thing to do is to weld the valve to the pipe on the refrigeration compressor.

Before welding the valve, remove the rubber to avoid damage.

Usually indicated by a short pipe that is not connected to the refrigeration system.

2. Pour Methyl into the cap of mineral water

Next, prepare the methyl and pour it into the cap of the bottle of mineral water.

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3. Turn on the Compressor and Pipe Welding

Turn on the compressor to make sure none of the refrigerant flow is blocked, then weld the filter to the condenser pipe.

After that, solder the two capillary tubes to the filter.

4. Check for leaks

Attach the blue manifold gauge to the coolant charge valve and the yellow hose to the coolant pipe.

If the coolant pressure is zero or indicating a vacuum, it is possible that the coolant has escaped and there is a leak in the pipe.

If there is a leak, check the refrigerator’s piping system.

Connect the manifold connected to the charge section of the refrigerator.

Connect the manifold manifold to the compressor suddenly, and turn on the compressor and look at the manifold needle, the pressure rises.

Check again if there is still a leak by giving soapy water to each part of the evaporator and condenser tubes.

If everything has been checked, and the leak has been repaired or replaced, the next step is to vacuum.

4. Vacuum the Refrigerator Piping System

Turn on the vacuum machine, then open the blue tap and close the red tap on the gauge manifold.

Wait a few moments for the pressure to reach -29 to -30 psi.

Close the blue tap, and turn off the vacuum cleaner.

If the needle on the manifold shows no change, it can be concluded that there is no leak in the piping system.

5. Fill Refrigerant

After the vacuum process and the piping system have been completed and performed properly, the next step is to fill the refrigerant.

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When the type of refrigerant used in the refrigerator is R-134a, it is usually packaged in a light blue tube.

Connect the blue manifold gauge tube to the charge valve, and the yellow tube to the R-134a refrigerant tube.

Remove the air contained in the yellow hose by opening the faucet on the coolant pipe.

Open the yellow tube valve until a little air comes out, then close it again.

Slowly fill the refrigerator with refrigerant by opening the blue manifold faucet until it reaches 2 psi, close the blue faucet.

Then open the manifold valve on the coolant pipe again slowly.

Do not go past number 10 because generally, if the manifold needle has gone past number 1 and above, the condenser pipe starts to feel hot.

After the manifold needle approached the number 10, the hot air from the condenser pipe started to spread.

This indicates that the refrigerant charge is almost complete.


It’s the way to fill your own refrigerator freon at home, easy, right?

I hope this article is useful for you Property!

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