How to fill PLN Electricity Tokens at an easy meter

How to fill PLN Electricity Tokens at an easy meter

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Have you used prepaid electricity at home, but do not know how to properly fill the electricity token at the PLN meter? No need to worry, check out the full review in this article!

Currently, almost all Indonesian people use a prepaid electricity system with tokens (electric pulses).

On the one hand this is more profitable for consumers, but on the other hand it also has its limitations.

One of the obstacles that must be faced is when you want to fill the electricity token in the electricity meter.

Although it seems trivial, this is actually a bit confusing, especially for new users.

Of course, many are wondering, What up how to enter the correct electricity token?

Go ahead, just see how to fill the electricity token at the PLN meter quickly and practically below.

How to easily fill PLN electricity tokens

enter the electricity token number


If you don’t know how to fill the electricity token correctly, you don’t need to worry.

You can do it yourself without having to call a PLN employee.

If you don’t know how, here’s how to insert electricity tokens into the PLN meter that you can try:

  1. Buy an electricity impulse voucher with a nominal amount according to your needs
  2. Check the 20-digit electricity meter code on the voucher.
  3. Enter the 20-digit token number in the electricity meter
  4. Press the “Enter” button after the code is entered.
  5. Wait for the notification of success or failure of the code you entered
  6. If there is an error in entering the code, press the “backspace” button and re-enter the code.
  7. If the words “Correct” or “Accept” appear, it means that the code is correct.
  8. If it says “False” or “Reject” it means you have to re-enter the 20-digit electricity token code.
  9. If you enter the code correctly, the token will be filled again.
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How to enrich electricity tokens through M-Banking

the contents of the electricity token are correct

In addition to using the manual method, you can also fill the electricity tokens with the M-banking service.

Here is how to fill electricity tokens through M-banking that you can try.


  1. Enter the main menu in M-banking, then select m-Commerce;
  2. Choose the PLN Prepaid option;
  3. Input meter / numbers IDPEL;
  4. Then determine the nominal token you want;
  5. Click “OK” to confirm the purchase.


  1. The first way to fill electricity tokens through M-banking BRI is to open the application;
  2. After that, select the “Refill” option;
  3. Then select the “PLN” option and the “PLN Prepaid” transaction type;
  4. Do not forget to enter the customer ID / electricity meter number;
  5. Next, select the nominal electricity token according to what you want;
  6. Press “Ok” then enter the PIN and press “Send”;
  7. Click “OK” to confirm your transaction;
  8. Check it out inbox SMS on the mobile phone to get the confirmation of the transaction;
  9. Finally, you just need to enter the voucher code received in the electricity meter.


  1. Open M-banking then select “Purchases” in the main menu.
  2. Then select “Electricity Token”.
  3. Then select the “Buy Prepaid PLN Tokens” option.
  4. Enter the Customer ID number / Electricity meter number;
  5. Choose the nominal electricity token you need then click “Process”;
  6. Then a confirmation will appear and select “Yes” if the information is correct.
  7. After that, an SMS from 3346 will appear for confirmation by entering two random BNI SMS bank pin numbers.
  8. If the voucher code has been received, it means that your transaction has been successful.
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It was the way to fill the electricity token that you can try.

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