How to easily set up the TP Link Router. Guaranteed Immediate!

How to easily set up the TP Link Router. Guaranteed Immediate!

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Having trouble installing router TP Link at home? See how set up the router Easy TP Link Below!

TP Link is one of the mark router Wifi the most popular and widely used to date.

If you have just bought a device router this, maybe you will be confused how to do it set up the router TP-Link.

If that’s how you feel, don’t worry! Indonesia summarized how they set up routershe, to use a computer to cell phone.

Go ahead, see a full review on how to do it parameter TP link below!

darling Parameter Computers and Laptops

how to configure router with computer and laptop


1. Turn on the Router

To turn on router-it, connect the power cord to the power outlet.

So, enter jack other to the power input router which lies behind.

2. Connect Router to Modem Using Cable

Then, insert one of the cables into the harbor Internet WAN, usually blue or gray.

Then, connect the other cable to the harbor Yellow Ethernet or LAN.

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Make sure that the cables that are installed are not confused and the modem device is recognized router.

3. Connect Router with Computer or Laptop

The next step is to connect router and a computer or laptop.

The trick is to connect the cable to harbor And every device.

In order for the Internet connection to work stably, do not use a WiFi connection from router during the installation process.

4. Open the TP Link website

After the device is connected, go to the page on the browser you are using.

If it can’t be opened, try using a similar IP address o

5. Login to the TP Link account

After the TP Link page can open, enter username and password.

Usually, default both are “admin”.

However, first check in the manual or background router to confirm username and password.

6. Enter Data and configuration Router

moment username and the password is correct, between the data and the configuration router based on supplier Internet at home used.

Also make sure all the indicator lights are on properly.

7. Change the network name

To change the WiFi network name or SSID, click “Wireless 2.4Ghz”.

Next, select “Wireless Settings”.

Next, change the “Wireless Network Name” that will be visible when searching for WiFi devices.

8. Atur “Version”

Before replacing password Wi-Fi, change the Version located earlier field password.

The trick is to select the “WPA2-PSK” option.

After that, click “Version”.

Next, select “WPA/WPA – 2 Personal” and “WPA2-PSK”.

9. Change Password

So that your Internet connection does not steal people, you must change password Wifi.

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First, write password in the “Wireless Password” column.

Then, click “Save” to save the new password.

10. Connect Device to Router

After confirming router on, connect your device to the network router.

Do this by connecting to the main WiFi.

Later, your device will automatically connect to the WiFi network.

darling Router Settings TP Link con Smartphone

how to set up TP Link router with Android

source: YouTube channels Info at a glance

In addition to using a computer or laptop, you can also try this method parameter TP Link router is available smartphones, both iOS and Android.

Before you know how parameter TP Link, install First, the Tether app on your device.

Here is an explanation of how:

  1. connect smartphones to network router.
  2. Open the TP Link Tether application.
  3. Click on it router which is under the “Local Devices” menu.
  4. Enter a new password.
  5. Select “Internet Connection Type” found in the “Quick Setup” menu.
  6. Check again if the information entered is correct, then click “Save”.
  7. Wait for the configuration router done
  8. Click “Finish” to complete the configuration.


I hope that the discussion of how parameter TP Link above can be useful for Owners, yes!

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