How to easily search for digital TV broadcasts. Take a good note, yes!

How to easily search for digital TV broadcasts. Take a good note, yes!

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Still confused about finding digital channels on your old TV? Just follow how to search for digital TV broadcasts that we have summarized in the article below!

The migration of analogue broadcasts to digital broadcasts is inevitable.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) began to ask the public to use antennas and digital television.

However, not a few are still using the old television at home.

For users of this type of television, you need it box set so you can search for digital channels to watch.

If you don’t know how, don’t worry! Indonesia has summarized the easy way to find digital TV broadcasts.

Go ahead, check out the following method!

3 ways to find digital TV shows

how to search for digital TV broadcasts with a set box

To get digital channels, there are several steps that must be taken.

Here’s how to manually search for digital TV broadcasts:

1. Press Menu on the TV Remote

First of all, press the “Menu” button on your mobile TV.

Then, use the directional buttons to go to the “Channels” section of the “Menu”.

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After that, press the “Enter” or “OK” button to go to the “Channels” section.

2. Select Channel Scan Option

The next way to search for digital TV broadcasts is to select the channel scan option.

Also use the directional buttons to navigate to the “Channel Scan” option found in the “Channel” menu.

Then press the “Enter” or “OK” button to select the channel scan option.

3. Select Channel Type

After entering the channel scan options, the way to find other digital TV broadcasts is to select the channel type.

Again use the directional buttons to enter the “Channel Type” option on your television screen.

You can choose one of three options, namely analog, digital, or all channels.

Because what you are looking for is digital TV broadcasts, then select the option for all channels or digital only.

Continue the search for television broadcasts by pressing “Enter” or “OK”.

The television will start the process of scanning digital channels.

In this process, you just have to wait for the scan to finish.

Usually, the process takes a relatively short time.

How to solve the problem Channel Saved but digital TV broadcast not detected

digital TV broadcast search problem

By searching for digital TV broadcasts, you can really enjoy various favorite shows with good quality.

However, some problems may occur when you enjoy digital television broadcasts.

One of which is channel which has been saved but the TV broadcast is not detected properly.

If you have this problem, there are several steps you can take.

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Here are the steps!

1. Change Antenna Position

A common cause of undetected TV transmission problems is that the antenna has been accidentally moved, either by wind, bad weather, or perched birds.

When the broadcast image starts to become unclear, you can check the position of the TV antenna.

If it changes a little, they move little by little until the transmission display returns to its original state.

2. Check the Antenna Cable

Antenna cables that are broken or damaged are often the cause of lost digital television broadcast signals.

When this problem occurs, replace it with a high-quality TV antenna cable.

Not only can they improve image quality, high-quality cables can last for a long time.

3. Check it out Jack Antenna connector

Jack antenna cable connector to tuner television is one of the factors that cause broadcasts not to appear.

Why, there is none jack the connector makes the television unable to display the image.

Therefore, periodically check this component and replace the cable if it is damaged.

4. Bring it on Booster Antenna

Undetected digital TV transmission problems are usually caused by poor antenna capabilities.

For this problem, the solution that can be done is to buy strengthen antenna had.

Use strengthen it can increase the digital TV signal so that it can properly catch the broadcasts.


I hope the discussion on how to find digital TV broadcasts above can be useful for Owners, OK!

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