How to easily install ceramic on ceramic

How to easily install ceramic on ceramic

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Do you want to renovate a room at home, but have trouble dismantling the ceramics? No need to worry, just use the method of installing the ceramic on this ceramic!

Ceramic floors are the most frequent type of plinth in Indonesian homes.

Not only the price, ceramics can also make a house feel cold, so it is suitable for use in tropical houses.

However, due to its cemented installation, most people find it difficult to install new tiles because they have to disassemble them first.

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this, which is to install the floor directly on the old tiles.

Just see how to install ceramic on ceramic below, go!

Can you install the ceramic without disassembling it?

how to install ceramic on ceramic is easy

Is it possible to install a new tile over an old tile?

There is that this can be done so that you don’t have to disassemble the ceramic when you want to replace it.

This way is called as tile on tile method which makes renovation work more practical and time-saving.

Because it has a different base, of course, how to install ceramics with this method is different from the method of installing ordinary ceramics.

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Ceramic installation with the method tile on tile it must be provided with a special mortar so that the ceramics can be firmly attached.

In order not to be mistaken, just look at this method!

How to easily install ceramic on ceramic

1. Ensuring a Level Field

how to install ceramics without dismantling

The most important thing to pay attention to when using this method is to make sure that the area of ​​the floor is level.

If you find that the floor area is beginning to be uneven because the old ceramic is wavy, you can use a wire tool to install new tiles.

Thus, the floor remains flat and more comfortable to pass later.

2. Prepare Tools and Materials

Then, you can prepare the necessary tools and materials.

The various tools you will need include a saw blade, a rubber mallet, tile spacerquality mortar, such as ceramic plaster.

3. Cleaning the Floor

how to install ceramic on practical ceramic

Before starting the installation process, you should also pay attention to the condition of the floor.

Make sure that before installing the new ceramic, the surface of the old ceramic is clean of dirt, mildew or oil.

If you find dirt on the old floor, clean the floor first with a mop and a floor cleaner.

4. Check the Condition of Old Ceramics

The next thing you can do is check the condition of the old ceramics, are there any loose, broken or lifted.

If there is, remove the damaged part and fill it again with cement mortar up to the same height as the other tiles.

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After the floor surface is level, you can start installing new tiles.

5. Mortar Applications Using System Tile on Tile

easy way to install ceramics

Install the method specific mortar tile on tile on the surface of the old plane.

So that the ceramic sticks more firmly, you can apply the mortar with a toothed cup.

Thus, there are lines that can make the bond between the ceramic and the mortar stronger.

6. Install New Ceramics

The next step is to install the new tile over the mortar.

Make sure the new tile is stored with the grout in the opposite direction to the old grout.

Unlike the installation of ordinary ceramics, this method does not need to soak the ceramics first.

If the old ceramic is uneven because there is a difference in thickness, you can grind the ceramic first so that the mortar layer remains even.

7. Fill in between ceramic with grout

how to install ceramic on quick ceramic

After all the tiles are installed properly, fill between the installed tiles with a special grout.

Make sure the grout you use is a special ceramic grout, not ordinary cement.

This is because the grout can withstand the load and shrinkage of the ceramic, while the cement cannot because it is less flexible.

8. Add Expansion joint

Finally, add it too expansion joint or expanded grout in any area of ​​5 × 5 meters or more.

If you are still confused, watch how to put the ceramic on the ceramic in this video:


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