How to easily install 2 wire electrical terminals

How to easily install 2 wire electrical terminals

install the cables in the house

Confused that there is a problem with the electrical wiring in the house? Just try how to install the following 2-wire electrical terminal. Guaranteed easy!

Electrical terminals or cable terminals are electrical components that have an important function in the home.

One of them is as a conductor of electrical energy for a number of electronic elements, such as TVs, air conditioners, electric ovens and washing machines.

For example, when you want to watch television, the plug from the television must be connected to an electrical terminal.

The goal is that the electricity stored in the terminal will flow and turn on the television.

Interestingly, you can make this electrical terminal yourself with a cable size adapted to your needs, that’s it.

This is to reduce the impact of stacking wire in a single terminal.

Well, to make the right electrical terminal, there are several things you should pay attention to.

Here is how to install a 2-wire electrical terminal that can be practiced at home.

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How to install 2 wire and 3 wire electrical terminals

how to install a 2 wire electrical terminal


1. Preparation of Tools and Materials

The first way to install a 2-wire electrical terminal is to prepare the tools and materials first.

The goal is that during the terminal assembly process, everything is available and only needs to be installed.

The tools and materials you need to prepare are the following.

a. Power cable

You should be sure to choose a NYYHY type power cable or a special cable for AC power because the thickness is quite good.

b. Electrical terminal

If you are wondering how to install a cable terminal, the next step is to choose an electrical terminal that suits your needs.

You can choose a cable with 2 or 3 plugs.

c. Skun Kabel

Choose the type of skun cable that matches the electrical terminals in the house, usually using skun ferrules or write Y.

d. AC power plug or AC power outlet

The power socket corresponds to the type you use as an AC connector.

e. Cutter

This cutting tool is necessary to adjust the cable needs and cut certain sections of cable before connecting.

f. Crimping tool

Crimping tool are pliers that are usually used to cut or flatten components that have an electric current.

g. screwdriver

You should provide two types of screwdrivers, namely ordinary screwdrivers and screwdrivers thesp which can check the flow of electricity.

2. How to Assemble 2 Wires and 3 Wires Electrical Terminals

how to install the cable terminal

Source: Jawapos

The second way to install a 2-wire electrical terminal is to try to assemble it.

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The first step you have to do is cut the type of electrical cable that has been prepared according to your needs.

Next, strip both ends of the cable with a cutter until the copper wire is clearly visible.

So that the cutting process is cleaner and the connection is perfect, you can use skun.

Then, please open the electrical terminal cover with an ordinary screwdriver.

If so, you can connect the cable with the copper part to the available electrical outlet.

For perfect results, use a skun to connect the cable section to an electrical outlet.

3. The Installation Process on the Electrical Terminal Body

how to install 2 wire electrical terminals

Source: YouTube/Channel Dunia

How to install a 2-wire electrical terminal and then assemble the cable as needed.

Launching from different sources, generally 2-wire electrical terminals use blue and brown or black colors.

The step that must be taken care of is to make sure that you install the cable according to its position on the line alive and neutral.

Because if the wrong installation can cause a short circuit and damage the electricity meter.

After the cable is connected, you can close the terminal again cleanly.

Then, you can start connecting to the AC section power plug.

How to open the section power plug with a screwdriver that you have prepared.

4. Ensure the perfect flow of electricity in the terminals

how to install the cable terminal


How to install the latest electrical terminals 2 wires is to ensure the flow of electricity perfect.

You can try connecting the electrical terminal to a power source or a wall outlet.

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Next, check each electrical plug with a tespen screwdriver or a screwdriver that can detect the flow of electricity.

If it is successful, you can try to make a direct electricity test with the electronic goods.

For example, charge a mobile phone or other item and check periodically after 1 hour to a day of use.

If there are no signs of a problem, the installation process of electrical terminals is successful.


It is the easy way to install 2 wire and 3 wire electrical terminals.

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