How to easily check genuine or fake land certificates!

How to easily check genuine or fake land certificates!

You know there are many in circulation fake land certificateso for those of you who are now looking to buy a house, especially a used house or second you must be careful, so as not to get a fake certificate later.

So, for what happens to you, of course, it is good to know how to check genuine and fake land certificates.

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Physical form of real/fake land certificate

A simple way to the distinction of genuine and fake land certificates is in physical form, because in some cases found covered or the cover of the land certificate book is gray, although in general the original land/house certificate issued by the National Land Agency (BPN) is green color. Also, one of the characteristics of a fake certificate is stamp and signature stated in the certificate is different from the original.

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Come and check with the National Land Agency BPN

To ensure the authenticity of the land certificate, it is better if you come directly to the Office of the National Land Agency (BPN), where the BPN will verify the land certificate in detail, starting from the physical form of the land certificate book to the registration number. listed in the certificate book.

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Procedure for verification of the original land certificate at the BPN office:

  1. Come to the BPN office in the area where you live
  2. Come to the bank to check the land certificate
  3. Bring original certificate, KTP, proof of last year’s PBB payment
  4. The time to verify the land certificate is one day
  5. Check fee IDR 50,000

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How to check land certificates Online through BPN Mobile

Now, to improve services and make it easier for the community, BPN has also transformed by launching an online land certificate control service. The method is easy:

  1. Download the BPN Go Mobile application
  2. Do and click according to the commands available in the application
  3. The results will be out in a few seconds

Mode of falsification of land certificate

how to distinguish between genuine and fake house certificates

In fact, there are many ways that are often used by syndicates to falsify land certificates, but what is often done is pretending to be a buyer of land or house. Initially, the author asked the permission of the owner of the house to take a certificate to verify the authenticity.

Once given, the author will photocopy to be falsified, the author will study the document to study the form of the signature with the BPN stamp printed on the land certificate. There are also many cases of document duplication involving BPN staff so that fake certificates look like the originals.

To avoid this, it is best for you not to easily provide land certificates to potential buyers. However, if this must be done, first you must ask the future buyer for a down payment on the house, to make sure that the person is really interested in buying your house.

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