How to do the polishing of wood so that it is perfectly shiny and the stops

How to do the polishing of wood so that it is perfectly shiny and the stops

To make the furniture more attractive, you can find out how to make the wood varnish so shiny and the steps here!

In the choice of furniture material in a house, the use of wood is often the right choice.

Not only from the excellent strength factor, but also has a high aesthetic value.

Although the use of wood makes the atmosphere of the house so aesthetic, it is undeniable that the fibers often peel and even wear out.

Of course, this will be very disturbing and unpleasant to see.

In addition to being unsightly, the wood also looks worn and unkempt.

To overcome this, know how to polish the wood to make it shiny.

By adding polish, the wood will be better in terms of color and strength.

So, what is the way to keep the wood varnish shiny like new? Check out the discussion together!

How to make wood polishing so shiny and the steps

The use of wood varnish for home furniture


You can take the following steps to keep the wood strong and durable:

1. Recognized the type of Liquid Polishing Wood

Before carrying out the wood coating process on the furniture, Property People must know the type of liquid to be used.

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Plitur consists of two types of liquids, solvent-based and water-based, which differ according to their use.

The specific difference between the two elements is in the raw material and solvent.

Both types of materials use resin, but in water products, an emulsifier is used that combines the resin with water.

Unlike the solvent base, this material is easier to mix with ready-to-use paint.

The next difference is that this material is more durable for outdoor use than solvent.

So, the solvent base takes time to dry and the water base is not necessary.

2. Prepare Material and Materials

After knowing the paint that the Corso People want, then you can prepare the necessary materials.

This is so that you do not have to worry when you have done the wood varnish process.

The materials and tools you need to prepare include paint, rags, sandpaper, brushes, containers and thinner such as water or paint thinner.

3. Furniture You Want To Repaint

Polished wood to make it shine


The next way to make the wood shine is to prepare the items you want to clean.

Wood media that require polishing are usually wooden tables, wooden chairs, or wooden sofas and others.

Before the coating process is carried out, Property People need to clean it so that it is free from soil.

You also have to be sure that the wood media is completely dry from water or oil.

If you are sure that the surface is clean, then smooth the wood until it is smooth and even.

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4. Mix Liquid Polish

If Property People buy paint at a building or material store, they will usually get a liquid that is quite thick and has a strong smell.

To overcome this, it is better to mix with thinner or spirit according to the packaging instructions.

During the mixing process, it is highly recommended to use a mask that covers the nose.

The goal is not to inhale unpleasant odors that are very harmful to the lungs.

5. Apply Liquid Polish

Pleated finish


The way to make the wood polish shiny after being mixed is to apply it properly.

Before being applied, Proprietà People must also adjust the dilution level of the varnish if it is right or not.

Then, the paint liquid can be applied to the wood media with a paint brush slowly and evenly.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can also use a cloth as a ball dipped in varnish.

Apply slowly to the canvas, so that the dust is distributed evenly on the wood media.

6. Wait for it to dry and sand again

The last step to restore the polish is to wait for the liquid to dry evenly on the wood.

Later, after the wood dries, you can sand the wooden surface again evenly to make it smoother.

The second purpose of sanding is to find the wood grain that appears.

After sanding all parts of the wood media until smooth, you can apply the wood cleaning liquid to the media.

If the varnish is dry, sand the surface of the new wooden substrate until it is smooth and even at least twice.

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Check that all parts of the wood are evenly coated with polish, and sand the wood as smooth as possible to avoid wood grain from occurring.


It is how to make the polishing of the shiny wood and the steps for the Property People to do it.

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