How to Determine a Good Day to Move House, Do You Already Know?

How to Determine a Good Day to Move House, Do You Already Know?

good day moving house
Illustration of a moving house (Source: Freepik)

Some people have the belief that if you want to change the house, you can’t have the wrong day to avoid bad luck. Some calculate it based on the cardinal directions, primbon and rules in religion. Well, for those of you who currently want to move the house, here is how to determine the best day to move the house.

Good day moving house

Good Day Moving House According to Weton Jawa

You can determine a good day to move the house based on the Javanese weton. The first thing to do is that you have to know the date of birth of Neptune first. If you move home with your spouse or loved ones, you must calculate the grandchild of each person who moves. How to determine neptu is to add the numbers on the day and the name of the market.

For example, if you were born on Wednesday Kliwon, then your grandson is 15. So, add your grandson to the transfer day. If you want to modify Friday Legi then Neptune is 11, then the Neptune calculation is:

15 + 11 = 26

Then divide by the number four to find out the advantages. The results of the distribution determine the good day to modify the house, according to the Javanese Guru, Ratu, Rogoh and Sempoyong weton.

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Good Day Moving According to Feng Shui

In Chinese belief, feng shui is important to avoid hockey. The way to determine is to use the zodiac of the head of the family in the house and adjust it to the plan of the month to move.

In some months not all zodiac signs are lucky and can invite ciong (conflict), so you have to pay attention to when it is the right day to move according to Feng Shui. For example, if your zodiac sign is Monkey and your zodiac is Rat, you should avoid moving the house in February and June.

Good day to move according to Islam

In Islam, there are certain months that are believed and determined on the direction of the wind and are very good when you want to modify the house so that the place in which you live is much better.

If your new house faces west, the correct months are the months of Suro, Safar and Mulud. O Rabiul Awal because this month is the best time to migrate.

If your new house faces the east, it is recommended to move in the months of Rajab, Ruwah and Fasting. Movement in these three months is believed to stay away from bad luck

If your new house faces south, you should move in the month of Shawwal, Zulkaidah and Zulhijah.

If your new house faces northwest, then a good moving month is Jumadil Awal, Jumadil Akhir and Rabiul Akhir.

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