How to deal with Dak Leaking with Sika, you can do it yourself!

How to deal with Dak Leaking with Sika, you can do it yourself!

overcome without losses with sika

Here are some ways to deal with leaks with Sika. There is no need to panic, just carefully look at the following guide. See you again!

Leaking concrete blocks often confuse many people.

How could it not be, the cement that is considered as a strong component seems really fragile because it has a leak.

There are many things that cause concrete to leak in the house:

  1. There are cracks in the cement plaster
  2. Imperfect concrete pouring process
  3. When making cement, the mixture of ingredients is not suitable
  4. The basic material for the manufacture of concrete roofs has a high water absorption
  5. An inadequate mix in the concrete
  6. It could be because the thickness of the concrete is less or not according to the standards

If this is the case, we usually call a technician to fix the problem.

In addition to calling a contractor, there are other procedures you can do if there is a leak in the concrete.

One of them doing the process waterproofing use mark Sika.

For your information, Sika is a well-known brand because it has anti-leak coating products that can be used for concrete surfaces.

In addition to being able to repair leaky pipes, it is believed that Sika products can prevent water seepage.

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So, the following article has summarized from different sources several ways to deal with leaks with Sika.

Do you want to know the complete way to treat the leak? Immediately see the review below!

How to overcome Dak’s escape with Sika

Before doing it waterproofing using Sika products, there are several steps you need to take as an effort to deal with leaking concrete.

1. Find the location of Leaking Concrete Dak

The first thing you need to do is find the location of the leaking concrete.

How? It’s easy, just close the drain pipe on the roof.

Then, pour the water on the concrete block where the drainpipe was closed. Wait 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

If there is a leak on the deck, you can check the location immediately.

2. Clean the Leaking Parts Immediately

Have you discovered the location of the leaking concrete?

The next step is to immediately clean the non-concrete area of ​​leakage with a cotton swab or brush.

3. Leaking Due to Cracks?

No concrete leaking through cracks? before use waterproofing from Sika, you can patch these cracks with cement mortar added with cement strengthening fluid.

After the crack is patched, leave it for about 1 × 24 hours.

For the process to be more complete, cover the cracked parts using tarpaulin.

Why, first waterproofing no concrete should be dry.

4. Overcoming Dak Leaking with Sika

how to deal without leaks with sika


If all the above procedures have been completed, you can immediately repair the leak with Sika.

That is, process waterproofing it can already be done.

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According to various sources, SikaTop 107 Seal and SikaTop 107 Plus are considered as suitable products for patching leaky concrete.

Before applying Sika products, you should know that Sika is sold as two components.

The first component or commonly called component A is in liquid form, while component B is in the form of a powder component.

Later, the two components are mixed so that it produces a mixture waterproofing.

Browse the site ilmuteknik.idHow to use SikaTop 107 Seal and SikaTop 107 Plus to patch leaking concrete is as follows:

  1. All non-concrete surfaces that will be coated with Sika must be cleaned of various impurities.
  2. Apart from being clean, the surface must also be completely dry, at least the surface is damp.
  3. Next step, pour half a can of component A into a bucket.
  4. Then, put 1 bag of component B into the bucket that already has component A in it.
  5. Put the remaining component A in the bucket, then mix the two components well for two to three minutes.
  6. When finished, feel free to apply the Sika product mix to the leaking concrete.
  7. While doing the mastering, keep moving the components from Sika to prevent agglutination.
  8. When finished, wait three to six hours for the coating to dry.
  9. After that, you can do a second layer so that the results are maximized.

Done, wait until the Sika mixture dries and does not leak so it can recover again aka no leak.

In addition to being applied to leaky concrete, Sika can be used to seal cracks in pools, balconies, terraces and even tunnels.

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That’s the way to deal with no leaks with Sika.

Hope useful, Property People.

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