How to cut jasmine flowers for beginners. Easy and Fast!

How to cut jasmine flowers for beginners. Easy and Fast!

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There is no need to plant from seed, it turns out that you can grow jasmine flowers at home by cutting the stems, that’s it! Learn how to cut jasmine flowers here!

Jasmine is a plant that is very popular with the Indonesian people because of its beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Not only that, this plant is also very easy to care for and can flower in a fast time.

Of course, plants can only flower if they are planted properly.

So, let’s follow how to cut jasmine flowers correctly so that they can thrive and continue to bloom below!

How to cut jasmine flowers correctly

1. Prepare the Jasmine Seeds

how to cut jasmine flower seeds

The first step you should take to plant jasmine flowers is to prepare the jasmine seeds.

How to cut jasmine flower seeds is quite easy.

You just need to find jasmine plants that are fertile and mature.

Then, select a medium plant stem and cut about 12 cm.

After that, insert the stick into the polythene bag or pots that have been filled with planting media, such as soil and sand.

Next, cover the stems of the seedlings with transparent plastic to make them airtight.

Finally, water the seedlings once or twice a day and make sure that the planting medium feels moist.

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After a few weeks, the trunk will release new shoots and you can move the plant to a larger pot.

2. Planting Jasmine Shoots

how to cut and plant jasmine flowers

The next way to cut jasmine flowers is to plant the jasmine shoots that have grown.

In general, shoots appear two months after the cutting process.

After the shoots appear, you can move the plant to a larger medium.

Prepare a pot with a larger size than the previous planting medium, then keep the pieces of broken tile or brick at the bottom of the pot.

This is important so that the water can flow easily in the apples and do not make the plants flooded with water.

After that, enter the planting medium in the form of a mixture of sand and organic fertilizer with a ratio of 1:1 in the pot.

Fill the pot with planting media up to a third of the way, then insert the jasmine flowers.

Then, cover the shoots with planting media again until the pot is full.

3. Jasmine Flower Care to Keep Flowering


The last thing you have to do is take care of the jasmine so that it can continue to bloom.

For jasmine flowers to thrive, make sure to keep the plant in direct sunlight for at least four hours a day.

This is important because jasmine flowers really need and love sunlight.

In addition to the sun, you should also pay attention to the temperature and climate in your home.

Jasmine is a tropical plant that can survive in hot, humid temperatures and will rot in cool temperatures.

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Therefore, make sure to keep the room temperature between 15 to 23 celsius during the plant’s growth period.

If the plant has already flowered, you can keep it in a cooler or warmer room.

At the beginning of growth, make sure to water the jasmine once or twice a day in the morning and evening.

Water the plant until the planting medium and the roots are moist, but do not let the plant be flooded with water.

Some types of jasmine grow in a creeper, so you should trim the plant regularly.

Do the pruning when the plant has reached 75-90 cm from the surface of the earth.

For fertilization, you can give jasmine flowers with kN, P205, and K20 fertilizers at a rate of 240-240-240 g / plant so that jasmine flowers quickly.


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