How to connect Wifi to TV easily and quickly

How to connect Wifi to TV easily and quickly

wifi and tv

Confused how to connect wifi to digital TV easily and quickly? Check the complete steps in the following article.

The television is one of the most important electronic items in the home.

In addition to entertainment, television can be a means of learning for children.

Especially now that there are many technologies that support WiFi connections to televisions.

In this way, it will be easier for you to connect with YouTube Channels or other services.

So, how to easily connect a TV to digital WiFi?

Check out the full explanation below, go ahead!

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Types of Wifi that can connect to the TV

the best type of smart tv


Technological advances can really make it easier for you to do your business, Property People.

Including in the search for entertainment at home only using the television.

However, unfortunately not all TV types can connect to WiFi automatically.

There are some TVs that require the help of a Set Top Box (STB) or other additional devices to be connected.

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For example, analog TV or tube TV that does not have the function to connect to the Internet.

There are several types of TVs that can connect to the Internet, namely Android TV or Android TV Smart TV, such as LG with WebOS OS, Xiaomi Smart TV, Realme Smart TV, and others.

How to connect WiFi to TV

how to connect wifi to digital TV easily


After making sure that the type of TV you have at home already has an internet function.

You can now start checking the WiFi connection on your digital TV.

However, if you are still confused how to connect is easy.

Here’s how to easily and quickly connect WiFi to a TV.

1. Press Home Button and Select Settings

The first thing you have to do is click the button The house and proceed with click settings.

Next, the TV screen will show several views that you can choose from.

2. Click Network, WiFi Direct, and On

Then select the network section, WiFi Direct and activate the setting by clicking Hon on the screen.

3. Select Wifi Direct Settings

After that, you can choose the WiFi section Direct which is on the settings tab to produce a better display.

4. Select TV Name Shown On WiFi Direct Device

If so, you should continue searching for the name of the TV that you see on the WiFi Direct device.

This is important to verify that the TV is properly connected to the WiFi device Direct.

5. Check the installation results

The last step is to operate WiFi Direct which is already connected to the TV.

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You can also make sure to check the success of the Internet connection.

If it still doesn’t work, you can try the above procedure again by checking the notes in the manual.

Cause WiFi not connected

how to connect wifi to tv


If you have tried the above steps regularly and still fail, check the following.

1. Internet connectivity at home

Because the internet is not easy to connect to the TV at home can happen because of Internet network problems.

Internet connection at home has problems such as slowness to slow down the internet.

The next step you can take is to check the network and make sure everything is smooth again.

2. WiFi Signal Range to TV

The second cause can occur because the range of the WiFi signal to the TV is too far.

It could be that the WiFi in your home can only reach about 10 meters while the TV location is further away.

Steps you can take for this reason are to add an Internet network or move the TV position.

3. Software Expired

This last cause may not be visible, but you can check it.

If you have an old Smart TV you should check the section firmware o software.

So do it update using the following steps.

Check the settings, click support, update the device and update now.


It’s the fastest and easiest way to connect WiFi to a TV.

Hope useful, yes!

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