How to clear BI verification quickly

How to clear BI verification quickly

What is Bleach BI Checking?

Bleach of BI Checking is a process carried out to clean the bad records or history of financial transactions of a person. The purpose of controlling BI bleaching itself is to avoid rejection by banks, in this case, credit applications. Because if there is a bad history or record in someone’s finances, it is very likely that the credit application will be rejected.

How Bleach BI Checking

Here’s how to clear BI verification quickly and easily:

The BI verification point can be seen by visiting the local OJK Office and making a SID application. You only need to bring an identity card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens or a passport for foreigners. As for business entities, they can bring a photocopy of the identity of the business entity and the identity of the management. Or you can also check the BI checkpoint online, namely via the website, then follow the flow.

  • Send Letters of Clarification

Get a letter of clarification from the bank where you applied for the credit. Then, confirm to OJK that you have paid the debt. Wait a little while the OJK informs you that your BI Verification history is clean.

  • Pay arrears and credit payments

As much as possible, pay arrears and existing payments. This way, your BI Verification score can come back clean. If you are still in arrears and payments, it is impossible for your BI control point to be considered healthy.

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How to Avoid the BI Audit Blacklist

  • Pay the Loan on time

Do not accumulate debt at once because if the invoice is not paid, it will affect your BI checkpoint.

  • Use credit cards wisely

We often feel forgotten or sleep with a credit card. In fact, excessive use of credit cards can make you dizzy in the payment. As a result, the BI checkpoint is bad.

The same with credit cards, now among the many practical and easy attacks of online loans, it makes many people forget about themselves and forget the maximum limit to pay debts. So, always consider carefully before falling further.