How to Clean the Floor with Coconut Dregs. Shine immediately!

How to Clean the Floor with Coconut Dregs. Shine immediately!

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How to clean the floor with coconut dregs is very effective and you have to try, Proper People. In addition to not being expensive, the floor is guaranteed to be bright and shiny. Follow the steps through the following article.

Keeping the house clean is an obligation for all its residents, including cleaning the floor.

The reason is, the plan is one of the important elements as a form of space.

Also, the cleaning of the floor can improve mood in carrying out daily activities at home.

Well, one way to make the plan becomes it shines what you can do is to use coconut oil.

Although it is considered an old method, this step does not require chemicals like the use of floor cleaners in the market.

Just so you know, the use of coconut pulp for cleaning the floor is rarely found among many cleaning products that are considered more effective.

However, coconut dung turns out to contain many disinfectants that have many uses.

In addition to a brighter floor, the content of the coconut pulp is also able to eradicate germs and clean the attached dust.

The point is, in addition to being clean, germs can be raised in a way that makes the house more comfortable.

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Another advantage, as mentioned above, is that you do not have to spend money or budget for cleaning the floor.

How and what are the steps? Go ahead, check out the following reviews!

How to Clean the Floor with Coconut Dregs

1. Preparation of Tools and Materials

coconut pulp

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The first step is to prepare the tools and materials.

There is no need to worry because a number of these tools and materials are often found in every home.

The tools and materials are:

  • coconut pulp,
  • mop,
  • gloves,
  • sweep, and
  • dust

2. Work process

how to clean the floor with coconut dregs

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So, the next step is to enter the process.

In any case, before this, first collect the coconut dregs that you have prepared in a container or plastic.

When needed, add some coconut oil to the coconut dregs and knead until smooth.

The next step you have to do is to start the process of mopping the floor with coconut pulp.

Make sure that the coconut pulp you want to use is enough to mop or clean the floor.

The wider the plane to be cleaned, the more coconut pulp you need.

3. Floor Dust Lifts Through Coconut Dregs

how to clean the floor with coconut dregs

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In the process, do it slowly and do not rush.

Later, the dust or soil attached to the floor will be lifted through the coconut dregs.

This can be seen by changing the color of the coconut pulp.

For example, if there is a lot of dust and dirt on the floor of your house, the coconut pulp will turn white brown.

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4. Final process

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After you feel that all parts of the floor of the house have been cleaned by means of a mop with coconut dregs, all you have to do is to clean the remains of the coconut dregs on the floor.

Then take the broom and dust you prepared earlier.

Sweep coconut pulp all over the floor that was used in the mop process.

So the result that will be seen is that the floor will be cleaner as mopping with chemical cleaners.

It is good, how to clean the floor with coconut dregs is done in the morning or in the evening, ie before and after subjected to daily activities.

You can also use this dirty coconut husk to make compost, that’s it.

How? Easy, right?

Why Clean the Floor with Coconut Dregs?

Although this is one of the ways old school, cleaning the floor with coconut is very effective, that’s it.

You can use coconut pulp that contains a little oil to remove the dust on the surface of the floor.

The reason is, the grated coconut that has been removed from the coconut milk is effective for strengthening the floor of the house due to the disinfectant content that can eradicate germs.

Just prepare the coconut pulp and mix a little oil or lime juice, then rub it on the floor and wait a while.


Hopefully these tips on how to clean the floor with coconut pulp can be practiced at home, Property People.

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