How to clean meat tripe so it doesn’t stink. Effective!

How to clean meat tripe so it doesn’t stink. Effective!

how to clean meat tripe

How to clean the meat tripe so it doesn’t smell is not as difficult as you might think. Find out how to clean here, go!

Usually, the tripe that is sold in the market is black or white.

Black tripe is tripe that has not been cleaned, while white tripe is tripe that has been cleaned.

Even if the white tripe has been cleaned, this does not mean that it does not need to be cleaned again and is ready to be cooked.

Whether black tripe or white tripe, they always need to be cleaned before cooking.

Go learn how to clean the following cow tripe!

Should the tripe be cleaned?

The tripe that will be consumed must be properly cleaned so that it does not smell and does not reduce its taste when it is processed.

Basically, tripe it is internal or rather cow stomach which has an unattractive smell and texture.

The smell of tripe that has not been cleaned is very unpleasant, you can also say that the smell of manure, wet hay or grass, depending on the diet of the cow.

Not only that, the tripe that has not been cleaned is also black and looks dirty.

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In any case, if you clean it well, the tripe can be prepared in a variety of delicious dishes.

Types of cow tripe

types of meat tripe

Before processing, there are several types of tripe that you should know to make the process easier.

Here’s how!

1. Romanian tripe

Romanian tripe, also known as napkin tripe, is a fine-textured tripe that is suitable for making soup dishes, for example soup or soup.

2. Tripe Reticulum

Reticulum tripe or wasp tripe is tripe that has a wasp nest pattern.

This part has a harder structure, so it takes longer for the ripening process.

3. Tripe Omasum

Babat omasum or book trippa is a part that looks like a book.

Compared to other types of tripe, this tripe omasum has the tastiest taste.

How to clean meat tripe

how to clean the meat tripe so it doesn't stink

1. Remove the Fat Part

The first way to clean cow tripe so it doesn’t stink is to remove the fat.

The process of cleaning the fat from the beef tripe is the same as cleaning the beef tongue before cutting.

These parts are cleaned with a sharp knife for scraping.

Also, do not forget to remove the soil between the beef tripe so that it is not bad when it is cooked later.

The rough structure on the surface of the tripe can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

2. Rinse with salt water

How to clean the cow tripe quickly, it also always requires the correct washing process.

To get rid of the bad smell, scrub and wash the beef tripe with the salt and vinegar mixture.

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Repeat the process until there is no damage.

After that, scrape the entire surface of the tripe with a sharp knife.

These steps not only remove the smell, but also remove the bleaching chlorine from the tripe.

When you buy white tripe, there will usually be chlorine on it.

If the chlorine is not removed, the taste of the tripe will change when it is cooked later.

3. Leaves with boiling water

When the tripe looks clean, put it in a pot and boil it in water.

The way to clean the tripe so that it cannot be missed is to add salt to this boiling process.

In addition to this, you can also add a few bay leaves to add a “fresh” aroma.

How long does it take to boil tripe?

Boiling the tripe until tender takes one to two hours.


That’s how you clean the meat tripe so it doesn’t stink. It’s easy, right?

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