How to clean dirty velvet shoes. powerful!

How to clean dirty velvet shoes. powerful!

how to clean velvet shoes

Don’t know how to clean dirty velvet shoes? No need to worry about damage, learn how here, go!

Velvet or as it is also called velvet is a soft cloth made of silk that has a unique characteristic in the form of a surface that looks very smooth and shiny.

goods fashion velvet, especially shoes, require special care so as not to wrinkle, fall, or even break easily.

Although it is more difficult to maintain than the materials of shoes in general, velvet is still in great demand by many people because it offers a luxurious impression.

Compared to other shoe materials, velvet tends to get dirty more easily because it is susceptible to water, dust and mud.

Therefore, velvet shoes can not be used casually, but must consider the situation and conditions.

To keep the velvet shoes clean, as much as possible the shoes made of velvet are only used in clean places, for example formal events at home.

So, what if the velvet shoes are dirty and you want them cleaned?

Here’s how to clean velvet shoes you can learn!

How to clean dirty velvet shoes

how to clean dirty velvet shoes

Velvet shoes can’t be cleaned just by brushing with a brush or soaking in water directly.

To clean velvet shoes, you have to know the right steps.

Here’s how to clean dirty velvet shoes:

  • Use a special brush with soft bristles to remove dust and dirt from shoes.
  • Dip the brush in a solution of liquid dish soap or shoe wash to remove stubborn stains and dirt from shoes. If the shoes are too wet, immediately absorb the excess water with a clean cloth.
  • Air-dry shoes or they can be placed in front of a fan.
  • When it is dry, cut the thread with a dry brush and apply a velvet shoe protection product.
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How to care for velvet shoes

how to care for velvet shoes

1. Protection Using Protective spray

Don’t want velvet shoes to get dirty easily with water, dust or even mud?

You should use it protective spray.

Protective spray This serves to create a protective layer on the surface of the velvet shoe making it water resistant.

In this way, liquid, soil, or even dust will not stick to your shoes.

Currently, there are many products protective spray sold in the market, so easy to buy.

when used protective sprayBe sure to spray from a distance of about 10-15 cm and not too close to the shoes.

If it is sprayed too close, the velvet shoes will stick and the leather will stick to each other.

2. Store it Right

Storing velvet shoes is not the same as shoes in general, because the material tends to get dirty more easily.

When it is not in use, surely you have stored it in the shoe cabinet, right?

NahBefore being stored in the shoe rack, it is better to put the velvet shoes in the shoe bag.

This shoe bag serves to avoid friction with other shoes so that the surface is not easily damaged.

If you don’t want to store them in a shoe rack, you can store velvet shoes in a shoe box.

Also, so that the condition is better maintained, you can enter silica gel keep dry and use shoe saddle to keep its shape.


It’s easy to clean dirty velvet shoes, right?

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