How to clean children’s toys to keep them safe and away from germs

How to clean children’s toys to keep them safe and away from germs

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So that children can always play safely, always keep their favorite toys clean. Here are a number of ways to clean children’s toys that you can try at home!

Toys are very valuable items for children.

Especially if they have a favorite toy, it will definitely be taken everywhere!

That’s why their favorite toys quickly get dirty from germs, allergens and mold.

Therefore, you need to take care of cleaning children’s toys on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, each type of toy requires its own cleaning process.

You cannot clean plastic toys in the same way as toys with fur.

If you don’t know how, Indonesia has summarized a number of ways to clean children’s toys, that’s it!

Curious about how to clean toys based on their type?

Launch page, Check out the explanation below!

5 ways to clean toys for children

1. Plastic or rubber toys without batteries

how to clean children's toys without batteries


The first way to clean children’s toys is suitable for those made of plastic or rubber without batteries.

For the cleaning process itself, you can put the toys in a bucket or dishwasher.

Then add hot water and mix with dish soap.

Immerse the toy in a bucket and let it sit for an hour or so to loosen the dirt from the toy.

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After that, use an old toothbrush to brush small, inaccessible areas.

Rinse in a mixture of one cup of vinegar to 10 cups of water for a natural disinfection.

After that, wipe it with a microfiber cloth to dry.

2. Plastic Toys with Batteries

Unlike those without batteries, plastic toys with batteries should not be immersed in water during cleaning.

Therefore, only use a sponge or microfiber cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of warm water and detergent to clean these types of toys.

Before starting the cleaning process, remove the battery if possible.

After that, clean with a damp cloth.

When it’s clean, wipe it off with a dry towel.

Dry it as best as possible before putting the battery back in!

3. Feather games

how to clean children's toys that have hair


Toys that have fur like Barbie, Bratz and My Little Pony should also be cleaned.

How to clean this type of children’s toys can be with the use of ordinary shampoo and conditioner products.

You only need a drop or two.

Then, wet and gently massage the skin or hair of the toy.

After that, rinse well.

Finally, put the doll until the fur or hair is completely dry.

4. Wooden toys

For wooden toys, you can clean them with a cloth that has been dipped in a solution of vinegar.

Then, gently wipe all the parts of the wooden toy with the cloth.

Make sure the toys are not submerged, as this can risk the wood drying out and warping.

Finish by leaving in a dry place away from moisture.

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5. Games in the bathroom

rubber duck toy in the bathroom


The last way to clean children’s toys is suitable for those who are always in the bathroom.

Toys in the bathroom should be cleaned regularly.

The reason is that toys that are exposed to water for a long time tend to carry mold, soap and bacteria. e.coli.

To keep this toy clean, mix a disinfectant solution consisting of 1 drop tea tree oil, 5 drops of vinegar, and 20 cups of water.

Then, soak the toy in the solution for about an hour.

Then, scrub the toy gently with a sponge or an old toothbrush.

After that, wash and put the toy in the sun to dry quickly.


I hope the discussion on how to clean children’s toys above can be useful for Owners, yes!

Stay tuned for more information about other home tips at Berita Indonesia.

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