How to clean an air fryer easily and quickly. Of course!

How to clean an air fryer easily and quickly. Of course!

how to clean air fryer

Many people are interested in buying air fryer because it can make the cooking process easier. However, how do you clean it? See how it cleans air fryer here!

In modern times like now, more and more people start paying attention to their health.

Now, many people refuse to eat foods that contain excess oil so they use it more often air fryer.

Air fryer is a device capable of cooking food to become crispy without the need to use oil, but with hot air.

Although it has many advantages, most people are afraid to buy this item because they are confused about how to clean it.

If you feel that way, you don’t need to worry!

See how it cleans air fryer easily and quickly below!

When is the right time to clean Air fryer?

how to clean air fryer easy

How often you need to clean air fryer?

In fact, there are no specific guidelines for how often air fryer it must be cleaned.

However, you should clean it regularly after use.

Do not let dirt or oil residue stick to the food container so that the food is not contaminated.

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The outer part air fryer it must also be cleaned so as not to leave fine dust that can damage the inside of the machine.

How to clean Air fryer easily

Agar air fryer to keep it clean and durable, you should clean this machine regularly.

Be sure to prepare dishwashing equipment such as sponges, soft brushes, dish soap and rags. microfiber.

Then, follow the cleaning method air fryer this:

1. Wait Air fryer Cold

how to clean the air fryer is easy

How to clean air fryer The first is to wait for the engine to cool down after use.

Do not wash immediately air fryer when the engine is hot because this could damage the engine.

Wait a few minutes for the machine to cool down and when you can hold the machine easily with your hands, you can start cleaning.

2. Remove all components

Once it is cool, the next thing you have to do is remove the components that need to be washed.

These components include containers or baskets to put food and filters inside.

Meanwhile, the engine part is on air fryer better dry with a cloth microfiber to clean from dirt and dust.

3. Wash the Container thoroughly

how to clean air fryer safely

How to clean air fryer the next is to wash the container well.

Place the container in the sink and soak it for a while until the oil spots dissipate.

Then, use dish soap to remove the remaining grease.

When cleaning the housing, avoid using metal cleaners such as abrasive sponges and wire brushes, which can damage the machine.

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Instead, use a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush when cleaning the machine.

4. Dry with a Wipe Microfiber

After the cleaning process is complete, you can dry the container and the filter air fryer.

Place the container on the dish rack and clean with a kitchen towel microfiber so as not to leave fine scratches.

Make sure that all parts of the machine are dry and there are no drops of water left.

5. Wipe the outside of the Machine

how to clean air fryer at home

How to clean air fryer next is to wipe the outside of the machine.

Do not soak the parts of the machine with water, but it is better to wipe the outside of the machine with a cloth microfiber.

The dryer serves to remove dirty stains on the engine parts without damaging the main engine parts.

6. Eliminate unpleasant odors

Finally, it smells unpleasant when using it air fryeryou can remove the smell.

The trick is to put the lemon slices in the basket of the machine and leave it for a while.

The lemon wedges will absorb bad odors from the machine.


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