How to clean a yoga mat safely and easily

How to clean a yoga mat safely and easily

how to clean a yoga mat

Dirty yoga mat but don’t know how to wash it? Just take a look at how to clean a yoga mat easily and safely here!

For those of you who like to exercise at home, chances are you have a yoga mat.

The yoga mat serves to reduce the risk of hands and feet slipping when doing yoga or other sports.

However, like carpets, this item can get dirty and stained, so it should be cleaned regularly.

If you don’t know how, just check out the different ways to clean a yoga mat easily and safely below!

How to clean a yoga mat easily and safely

1. Using Dish Soap

easy way to clean the yoga mat

So, how do you clean a yoga mat?

There are several steps you can take, here is one of them:

First, mix a few drops of soap with 473 milliliters of warm water, then put the mixture in a spray bottle.

Then, spray enough liquid on the mattress and wipe the surface with a clean cloth until dry.

Take another clean cloth, and put it in water, then wring it out until the cloth is wet.

Wipe the rug with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue left on the surface of the rug.

Turn the rug over and repeat the previous steps until all sides of the rug are clean.

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Then, put the clean carpet hanging over the pole shower freeze until completely dry.

Once dry, roll up and store the rug in a clean place.

If you want to dry your mat outside, make sure it is dry in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Sunlight can cause the color of the carpet to fade and become brittle, making it uncomfortable to use.

2. Soak in Water

how to clean a yoga mat safely

In addition to the above methods, there are also other methods that you can use to clean your yoga mat.

Here’s how to clean a yoga mat you can do:

First, add some dish soap to the bathtub or bathroom full of hot water.

Then, soak the yoga mat in the bath and leave it for a few minutes.

Then, use a clean cloth to wipe some soapy water on the surface of the mattress.

When the soil is gone, empty the tub and wash the material with clean water.

Make sure there is no soap on the yoga mat.

Shake the mat to remove as much water as possible and dry.

You can dry your mat by hanging it over a pole shower stop until the carpet is completely dry.

3. Cleaning the mattresses without immersing them in water

how to clean a dirty yoga mat

If you refuse to clean the mattress by soaking it in water, you don’t need it.

There is also a method that can be used to clean a yoga mat without immersing it in water.

Find out how to clean this yoga mat safely:

First, mix 236 milliliters of white vinegar with three parts of water.

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Then, spray the vinegar and water solution on the yoga mat sparingly, especially on the dirty areas.

Wipe the surface with the carpet with a clean, soft and dry cloth.

Then, dip another clean cloth in the clear water and wring it out until it is wet.

Run a clean cloth over the surface of the carpet to remove any traces of white vinegar left on the surface.

Turn the mat over and repeat the process from the beginning.

Dry the rug by hanging it out of direct sunlight to dry.

Then, roll up and store the yoga mat in a clean place.

How often should a yoga mat be cleaned?

Actually, you don’t need to clean the yoga mat every day or after every use.

You can clean your mat once a week if you use it often or when an unpleasant smell appears on your yoga mat.

Not only this, the mattress can also be cleaned if there are stains attached to this item.

Some yoga mat manufacturers also say not to wash the mat too often because it can make the material wear and thin quickly.


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