How to clean a Mousepad properly without damage

How to clean a Mousepad properly without damage

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Because it is often exposed to friction mice and hands, mousepad very easy to turn dirty and can be a medium for disease. To overcome this, we follow how to clean mousepad the following!

Mouse pad it is a mouse pad that becomes a surface for placement and movement mice.

With this basis, mice can move more precisely and without obstacles.

However, this tool is very easy to import and becomes a means of disease because it is often used.

Launch from, let’s see how it cleans mousepad making good use of the homemade ingredients below!

How to clean Mouse pad Plastic

how to clean a plastic mousepad


If you have a plastic mouse pad, you can follow the cleaning method mousepad this plastic.

The first thing you can do is clean it with a cleaning fluid.

Spray LCD cleaning liquid on the surface of the base and wipe with a clean cloth.

Finally, dry mousepad before you start using it.

In addition to using cleaning fluid, you can also wash with detergent.

Brush or clean stubborn stains using detergent and soak mousepad for some time.

So, hang up mousepad in a place exposed to the sun or air to dry.

How to clean Mouse pad Fine silk

how to clean silk mousepad


The material to make the next mouse pad is fine silk or silk silk.

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In general, mousepad it is used by people who want to mice can move quickly and accurately.

Here’s how to clean it mousepad fine silk to return clean without damage.

Clean enough mousepad using a cloth dampened with cleaning fluid.

Dry the base until all stains disappear and mousepad come back clean.

The next step you can use is to pat the base with a damp cloth.

This will soften the soil and facilitate cleaning.

You need to be careful, never wash the soft silk pads with water because this can cause the material to peel off and the base cannot be used.

How to clean Mouse pad Nylon Mesh

how to clean nylon mousepad


A number of mousepad made of mesh nylon material or fabric which has a smooth outline and is water resistant.

Here’s how to clean it mousepad with nylon mesh material:

  • First, wet the area mousepad that is ugly.
  • Then, apply liquid dish soap and scrub the stained area with an old toothbrush or sponge.
  • Rinse off mousepad use clean water and aerate.
  • Avoid drying the carpet in direct sunlight, because this can fade the color.

How to clean Mouse pad RGB

how to clean rgb mousepad


Material mousepad The last one that is often used by many people is the RGB pad.

As the name suggests, this base is equipped with RGB elements around the base.

Because there are electronic elements, avoid cleaning mousepad Use the wet wash method.

The steps you can take to clean the RGB base is to use the method dry clean.

This method is quite simple, the first thing you have to do is unplug the power line that is on the mousepad.

Afterwards, you just need to dry the surface mousepad with a cloth dampened with cleaning fluid.

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When washing the base, make sure the rag does not touch the RGB elements on the sides of the base to avoid a short circuit.

Finally, they hit it mousepad before reconnecting the base to the network.

So that the base is always in top condition and always clean when in use, you can clean it mousepad every two months.


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