How to Clean a Hamster Cage. It needs regular cleaning!

How to Clean a Hamster Cage. It needs regular cleaning!

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Hamster cages are one of the things that must be considered and cleaned regularly to maintain the health of your animals. Well, this time, Berita Indonesia has compiled information on how to clean a hamster cage, which you can read in this article!

Keeping a hamster is not an easy job because there are many things you need to pay attention to.

Not only to provide proper nutrition and intake, we also need to pay attention to the cleaning of the cage.

A clean hamster cage and environment will certainly make it healthier.

Cleaning the cage in the right way also avoids various diseases that can interfere with hamsters.

Launching from several sources, the following Berita Indonesia presents several ways to clean hamster cages that you can see in the description below.

Tools and Materials for Cleaning Hamster Cages

Before knowing how, Property People first need to know the tools and materials needed to clean a hamster cage.

Launch from, here are the details.

  1. Safe cage cleaner or soap
  2. Cage mat
  3. Kitchen towels or napkins
  4. plastic bag
  5. Gloves

How to Clean a Hamster Cage

hamster cage

1. Unload the Cage

The first way to clean a hamster cage is to move all its contents to a safe place.

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Then put on gloves and remove all the material from the cage so that it can be thrown even if there are still some that are in good condition.

As for complementary items such as places to eat, drink, toys and hamster spin wheels, you also need to remove them, yes.

2. Clean the Cage thoroughly

After removing the contents, you can clean the cage by washing it with cleaning liquid or soap and warm water.

If you can, just take the cage apart so you can do a deep clean.

3. Cleaning Cage Accessories

After cleaning the corners of the cage, you can clean the accessories, such as toys, spinning wheels, and places for eating and drinking hamsters.

This step is important because urine, feces and bacteria can stick to the hamster’s accessories.

If exposed to bacteria continuously, hamsters can develop ear infections or vision problems.

After washing thoroughly, check again to see if there is still any soap or suds remaining.

If there is, wash the hamster accessories again, yes.

4. Dry the Cages and Accessories

After cleaning the cage and accessories, then you need to dry with a dry cloth.

This is done so that the base material of the cage is not wet and becomes moldy.

If the hamster cage can be dismantled, assemble it before putting 5 to 7 centimeters (cm) of new sawdust.

Do not forget to rearrange other accessories before the hamster gets into the cage.

5. Change the Material of the Cage

how to clean a hamster cage

For weekly cleaning, replace all hamster cage bedding materials with new ones to keep the cage clean and healthy.

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While this can be done once a week, you need to replace all the materials if you feel a strong smell of ammonia, the dust seems dirtier than usual, or if you have more than one hamster.


Well, it is a variety of ways to clean a hamster cage that you may know.

I hope this article can be useful for you, Property People.

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