How to clean a front loading washing machine properly

How to clean a front loading washing machine properly

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Confused about how to properly clean a front-load washing machine? Check out the steps here, go!

The washing machine is one of the household electronic equipment that must be cleaned regularly because it is often used.

However, there is something you need to know, namely how to clean each type of washing machine is different.

Therefore, when you want to clean a washing machine, you must first know the type; it’s a washing machine front load, top loado double tube.

When you want to clean the washing machine front load or the front opening, here’s how to clean it!

How to clean a front loading washing machine

how to clean a front load washing machine with vinegar

1. Empty the Washing Machine

The first step in cleaning a front-loading washing machine is to empty the tub.

If the tube is empty of water or clothes, you can start the cleaning process.

Again, make sure that there are no objects left in the tube so that the cleaning process can run properly.

2. Put hot water in the washing machine

Start by cleaning the tub of the washing machine by adding hot water and carry out the washing process as usual.

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Hot water cleans the remaining detergent that sticks or even accumulates in the tub of the washing machine.

3. Pour the white vinegar

When the washing process with hot water is finished, throw away the washing water.

After that, cool the tub of the washing machine with new hot water and add about two cups of white vinegar, then repeat the washing process.

White vinegar is useful for removing unpleasant odors in the washing machine

4. Clean the Detergent Drawer

During the washing process, clean other parts of the washing machine.

Start by cleaning the drawer where the detergent is.

Remove the cheese, then soak it in a bucket or container large enough.

If the condition of the detergent case is very dirty, use a mixture of hot water and carbolic acid as a soak.

While soaking, scrub the drawers with a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep scratches at bay.

Once clean, dry and put the box back in its place.

5. Clean the outside of the washing machine

In addition to cleaning the detergent box, do not forget to clean the outside of the washing machine so that dust does not accumulate.

Clean the exterior with a rag microfiber which has been moistened with hot or warm water so that the dust is easily removed.

Do not forget to clean the door of the washing machine, especially the rubber part seal the inner part.

6. Clean the washing line

Another part that also needs to be cleaned is the drain that connects the detergent drawer to the washing machine tub.

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In that section, there should be a large pile of detergent residue.

To make the cleaning process easier, you can use an old toothbrush.

7. Rinse the tube with water

After completing the steps above, now comes the final cleaning of the front-loading washing machine.

Discard the hot water and vinegar mixture in the second wash process, then fill with normal temperature water and run the wash process again.

This normal temperature water is useful for washing the bathtub and the inside of the washing machine from the rest of the previous wash.


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