How to clean a clogged AC water drain

How to clean a clogged AC water drain

how to clean clogged AC drains

A clogged AC drain can cause water to seep and leak. So, follow the cleaning method below.

Many companies do Air conditioning (AC) as a necessity at home.

The goal is to make the house cooler because the weather outside is hot.

However, did you know that an air conditioner can leak and cause damage to other household items?

Well, apparently the cause of this leaking air conditioner could be because the AC drain pipe is clogged.

As a result, the water that should come out of the sewer becomes blocked and looks for another way so it looks like the AC pipe is leaking.

In addition, unity internal Air conditioning outside of water will make these electronic devices more vulnerable to damage.

So, let’s find out the cause of a clogged air conditioner drain and how to clean it next!

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Causes of clogged AC water drain

causes ac leakage


Clogged AC drains are usually caused by dirt, dust or foreign objects clogging the end of the hose.

Well, this block of soil will accumulate and agglomerate over time, making it difficult for the air conditioning water to escape.

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As a result, the water that does not go out through the appropriate channels will spread through other channels, ie leaks.

If you don’t clean it immediately, it could be that the dripping water has become a place for mold and mildew.

Of course, this will damage the electronics and cause bad smells in the house.

How to clean a clogged AC water drain

how to clean a clogged ac drain

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The following is a way to deal with leaking air conditioners and easily clean clogged AC drains.

1. Prepare Equipment

Before cleaning clogged AC ducts, you can prepare the following tools.

  • screwdriver
  • Plastic bags
  • Bucket and scoop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • The cleaning fluid

2. Turn off the air conditioner and clean things

The next step you can take is to turn off the air conditioner before cleaning.

Make sure the air conditioner is turned off and all power plugs are unplugged.

After the power supply to the electronic devices is turned off, clean the objects under the AC unit, such as furniture, televisions and others.

3. Open the Filter Holder

How to clean AC drains internal another by opening the air conditioner portafilter.

To do this, you do not need to remove the air conditioning unit from the wall of the house.

Just use the ladder to reach the air conditioner that is on top of the wall of your house.

Then use a plus screwdriver that fits the size of the screw. The screw is covered by a plastic layer that must be opened first.

To open the plastic on the screw, you can use the tip of the screwdriver and push.

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Once the plastic is exposed, remove it with a screwdriver to remove the filter holder.

4. Protect components with Plastic

clogged ac exhaust pipe


Cleaning the AC water drain will certainly cause a lot of water splashing.

Therefore, you need to secure other household furniture so that they do not get wet and damaged.

Well, usually most people use plastic to keep other items from getting wet.

5. Clean the dust on the AC components

After the filter holder is opened, you can first clean the AC components from dust.

First clean the filter section so that it is free of dust.

Then, clean the condensation and the drain hole at the end.

6. Clean the Blockage with water

The next step is to remove the blockage in the drains.

How to clean a clogged AC drain as follows:

  • Prepare clean water in a container like a bucket and prepare a dipper.
  • Take enough water with a dipper.
  • Pour water slowly into the left condensation reservoir.
  • Then flow slowly so that the remaining soil is carried away by the water.
  • Check whether the block is gone or not.

7. Suck the Blockage with Vacuum cleaner

If the method of using water above does not work, you can use it vacuum cleaner to suck the ground.

Make sure that the electronic device you are using has specifications that can use water.

Why, if vacuum cleaner what you use is not compatible with water it can cause damage.

Now, if you have the right tools, you can suck up the end of the sewer with this suction tool.

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Do this several times until the clog is clean and the channel is smooth.

8. Use Liquid Cleaning

For those of you who haven’t vacuum cleaner can use bathroom cleaning fluid.

It can also help remove mold or mildew from growing in the drains.

Ways to do this include:

  • Wear gloves first to avoid exposure to liquids.
  • Pour cleaning fluid into the condensation reservoir on the left until it is full.
  • Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Then, rinse with water to remove the remaining dirt and wash off the cleaner.
  • Finally, return the water to the left reservoir little by little to wash the cleaning fluid and check for leakage.


That’s how to clean clogged and leaking AC drains.

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