How to clean a burning pot with salt, easy and fast

How to clean a burning pot with salt, easy and fast

how to clean a burnt pan easily

You can learn how to clean a burnt pan with salt easily and quickly. Let’s go, let’s just go.

Burnt pots are often encountered when kitchen utensils are rarely cleaned regularly.

The charred color can come out because the bottom of the pan is exposed to the fire of the stove too often.

As a result, the pan becomes black and looks unsightly.

To fix this, you don’t need to buy an expensive new bread.

You can use kitchen supplies to clean burnt breads to make them look like new.

The cooking ingredient in question is salt.

Besides being easy to find, salt is also relatively cheap and affordable.

So you no longer have to worry if you find a burnt pan in the kitchen.

Curious how to clean?

Go ahead, just take a look at how to clean a burnt pan with salt below, launches different sources.

How to clean a burning pot with the right salt

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

The first step you should take is to prepare the tools and materials.

There are many tools and materials that must be prepared such as:

  1. hot water
  2. Cooking salt
  3. Cleansing sponge
  4. Rubber gloves
  5. Container pot

After preparing the four tools and materials, you can move on to the next step, which is soaking the pot.

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2. Immerse the pot you want to clean

how to clean a burnt pan with salt

Source: Lemonilo

Fill the pot with warm or hot water.

Sprinkle salt in the hot water and mix well.

Once mixed evenly, you can place the pot in the water that already contains the salt.

3. Heat the Pot

After soaking the pot for about two minutes, drain the excess water from the bottom of the pot.

Then put the pot on the stove and let it cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.

After boiling, turn off and wait for the water to cool.

4.Rub the scorched part with salt

Warming the pan with a mixture of hot water and salt will remove most of the burnt residue from the pan.

In any case, if there are still scorched spots, you can follow the method of cleaning the charred pan with the fourth salt, that is, rubbing salt.

Pour in most of the hot salted water, reserving a little water.

Pour in a few spoons of salt and use a sponge to remove any scorch residue.

You can use rubber gloves or wait until the hot water is cold.

5. Rinse thoroughly

How to clean a burnt pan with salt the right way


When it’s done, you can wash the pan clean with soap so it can be reused.

If you still feel that the results are not satisfactory, you can repeat the method several times until the pan is clean as usual.

The above method can only be effective in some cases.

If the pan has experienced a fairly severe level of scorching and has caused the scorched stain to stick, it is a good idea to use another method or a special liquid that can remove the stain.

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These were tips and how to clean a burnt pan with salt that was easy and fast.

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