How to choose the right dog comb

How to choose the right dog comb

how to choose a dog comb

Grooming It’s one of the things we have to do when we keep it pet like a dog However, it turns out that choosing the right dog comb is not as easy as we think.

We have to adjust to the structure and length of the hair of our puppies. Usually, different breeds of dogs have different combs used. There are dog breeds that have curly, straight and curly hair double coat.

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So, how to choose the type of comb for dogs?

Bringing pets petshop it costs a little. Therefore, many people choose to do it cure home alone

Therefore, in order not to buy the wrong one, here we have summarized several types of dog combs that are suitable for dog breeds.

comb for dogs

1. Slicker Brush

This type of dog comb is suitable for you to use on dogs that have medium hair length and slightly curly hair, such as dog Golden retriever, Fox Terrierand Border Collie.

This comb has a fine, fine wire tip that fits tightly, making it perfect for removing dead hair or tangles.

dog comb
Oval comb Mpets Slicker Size S

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2. Rake Undercoat Brush

Some dog breeds have a type of coat that falls in groups every month, just like dogs Pomerania, Huskyand Samoyed.

comb shave undercoat It has a short comb structure so it can reach the base of tangled hair and remove dead skin cells.

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dog comb
Pet Comb Pawise Dog Undercoat 15×11 Cm

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3. Deshedding Rakes

This dog comb has a relatively thick and sparse tip. However, be sure not to put too much pressure on the comb while grooming your pet’s hair to avoid injury.

This type of comb is suitable for dog breeds with large furs, such as German Shepherd, Chow Chowand Westie.

choose a dog comb
M-pets Size M Dog Comb Deshedding Stylus

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pet comb
M-pets Size L Dog Comb Deshedding Stylus

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4. Tooth comb

If you want to get to the dust and dirt without causing excessive loss of hair on your pet, you can use a comb. toothed comb this.

This comb has a free form so that the dog’s hair does not fall excessively.

dog comb recommendation
M-pets 499 dog comb

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5. Double-sided brush

As the name implies, this product has two different types of combs on each side. The other part is a comb pin brush which is useful for combing tangled hair.

While the other part is a comb bristle brush which you can use when finished so that the dog’s coat looks smooth and shiny. This comb is suitable for dog breeds with a medium to long coat length.

double sided dog comb
M-pets Double Sided Dog Comb – Blue

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double sided brush
Ferplast pet comb set – green

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Well, there are several types of dog combs that you can choose from to keep your pet’s fur looking nice. You can buy all the comb models above

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