How to check Remaining Electric Tokens and Refill, very easy!

How to check Remaining Electric Tokens and Refill, very easy!

how to check the remaining electricity tokens

How to check the remaining electricity tokens is very easy to do, you can go through the service online or manually. Check out the steps below, go!

Electricity is a major need for society. Even so, some people often complain about the increase in electricity bills.

As a solution, PT PLN provided services prepaid system aka prepaid electricity that uses a token system.

Through this service, customers can enrich their credit according to their needs. This is done to avoid loss.

Checking the remaining electricity tokens is important to do, so that daily activities can be corrected.

To be able to use this service properly, see how to check the electricity token below, let’s go!

How to check the Remaining Electric Token

check remaining tokens online


1. Via PLN Website

  • Visit PLN’s official website for billing and token information via the following page
  • If you already have an account, enter email, passwordand code captcha
  • If not, register first by clicking “Register” and entering your personal data, verify completeness, and try. login
  • To directly check the remaining electricity token, onlineselect the Client menu
  • The PLN token and information about the electricity bill will be displayed

2. Through the PLN application

  • If you already have the PLN mobile application, you can open the application immediately
  • But if not, you can download and install it in the App Store first. Complete the registration process by filling in your personal details in the column provided
  • When it is finished, try to access the account
  • Select the “Tokens and Bills” menu.
  • The information and details of the electricity token will be displayed
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It should be noted that when filling in the Smart Electricity Customer ID that consists of several digits, make sure you do not enter it incorrectly, yes.

Because, if there is an error in the filling of the numbers or the data are not valid, the desired information is difficult to see.

How to Check the Remaining Electric Token Manual

check the electricity token manually


If the receipt of the electricity token that was purchased is accidentally lost, there is no need to worry. You can check the remaining electricity tokens manually. Here’s how:

  • Try to return to the place where you bought the electricity token and ask the employee for help to return it or return the 20-digit token number that was purchased.
  • You can go to the nearest PLN office or check yourself for prepaid electricity tokens online

How to check the Remaining Rupiah Electric Token

the remaining electricity

Source: JD.ID

How to check the remaining rupees can be done manually, that is, by means of an electricity meter.

Please note that the prepaid electricity meter installed in each house may be of different brands.

Currently, there are many brands of meters or MCBs, called CONLOG, Hexing, Star, Glomet, Itron.

It is very easy to check the remaining rupee of electricity tokens or kWh of electricity through the meter. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, check the brand of the meter installed in the house. Because, each meter has a different way of checking
  • CONLOG and Itron: The meter screen usually shows the kWh information immediately
  • Hexing: Dial code 801 to view the desired information
  • Glomet: Dial code 37, then “Enter”
  • Star: Dial code 07 to check the remaining electricity token
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Remember, make sure you always keep the card that contains information about the PLN Customer ID properly.

If you are afraid of forgetting, you can re-register the Customer ID, either on paper or smartphones as anticipation.

How to charge the electricity token?

charge prepaid electricity


In addition to checking the remaining electricity tokens, you also need to know how to fill the electricity tokens.

Nahhere are the steps:

  • Buy credit for tokens according to your needs
  • Enter the 20-digit number as the voucher token code received at the time of purchase
  • If yes, press ‘Enter’
  • If you accidentally entered the wrong token number, you can delete it by pressing the “Backspace” key and reentering the correct number.
  • The screen will show the words “Accept” if the kWh has been successfully added to the meter


Well, this is the different ways to check electricity tokens online online or manual. Like, easy right?

I hope this article can help, yes!

To find out more information about the legality of other cases, continue reading through!

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