How to change Analog TV to Digital. Easy, no need to buy again!

How to change Analog TV to Digital. Easy, no need to buy again!

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Confused about how to convert analog TV to digital? Relax, see the tips and steps through the following article, go! No need to buy a new TV, that’s it.

Property People, the transfer of television broadcasts or analog TV to digital will be in five phases.

For information, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) will stop broadcasting live television Analog shutdown (ASO).

Eitsyou don’t have to worry about changing analog TV to digital because later digital TV will always be free with this service. free to air (FTA).

Just so you know, digital TV is not accessible streaming using Internet services or cable and satellite subscriptions, that’s it.

However, analog TV owners need an additional tool called set top box to be able to receive digital TV broadcasts.

So, how to change analog TV to digital?

Before discussing how to convert analog TV to digital, it is a good idea to know what digital television broadcasting is and its advantages.

What is digital television broadcasting?

how to convert analog TV to digital


Analog television broadcasts that have been on the air for almost 60 years in Indonesia will be replaced by digital television broadcasts.

You need to know, digital television broadcasts that use digital signal modulation and compression systems will provide cleaner picture quality, clear sound and the latest technology.

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During the transition from analog to digital broadcasts, people can still watch analog television broadcasts, but it is highly recommended to start changing the capture of the antenna signal at home to digital.

Advantages of digital TV

As already mentioned, the advantages of digital TV are that it increases the audio-visual quality, the level of cleanliness of the image, and the clarity of the sound increases several times.

Well, in the process of transformation in several stages, analog TV transmissions will be stopped no later than August 2021, while the total suspension will be carried out no later than early November 2022.

This means, people who do not immediately migrate from analog TV to digital or do not install it set top box DVBT2 (STB), will not be able to enjoy television programs.

In the Ministerial Coordination Decree Number 6 of 2021, there are 5 stages of cessation of analog television broadcasts:

  • Stage 1: no later than August 17, 2021
  • Stage 2: no later than December 31, 2021
  • Phase 3: no later than March 31, 2022
  • Stage 4: no later than August 17, 2022
  • Level 5: no later than November 2, 2022

How to convert an analog TV to digital

how to convert analog TV to digital without a set top box


There are two schemes that can be done to be able to enjoy digital TV broadcasts without having to buy a new television with the latest technology.

First, analog TV with the help of STB and second digital TV with DVB-T2 receiver.

Also, make sure you also have a digital antenna to view the picture and sound.

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Here’s how to convert analog TV to digital that you need to know:

  • Make sure the television is in AV mode.
  • Customize AV with STB, AV1, AV2 or others.
  • Turn on STB.
  • Press the menu button far away STB.
  • Select the “Channel Search” menu then select “Auto Search”.
  • Click “Save” when you have found the channel.
  • If you are enjoying new digital channels, make sure that the television is in AV mode.

How to check the digital channel signal

Launch administered by Kominfo, explained that each region will have a different digital television broadcast program.

To find a file according to place or domicile, check the status by region via laasa

In addition, you can check the broadcast coverage in the Android and iOS applications under the name “Digital TV Signal” to see their respective locations.

Through the Digital TV Signals application, you can find out if the digital TV signal in your home is weak, bad, or even completely lost.

Here’s how to use this app:

  • Download the Digital TV Signals app via mobile.
  • Open the app and allow access to the location.
  • The display of the application will immediately change to a map depending on the location where you are.
  • Select the “Legend” menu in the bottom left.

The last option will present information about the location of the weakest television signal to the strongest signal based on the color that appears on the map.

How to change analog TV to digital without Set Top Box

Use a TV with DVB-T2 Functions

For information, the DVB-T2 function is generally owned by televisions that are already digital.

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DVB-T2 is a type of digital signal that is read and decoded by the latest digital transmission processing system developed by the DVB project.

To find out if your TV has a DVB-T2 function, here’s how to check:

  • Access to the site laasa
  • Click the “Digital TV Devices” menu.
  • Click on the “Choose Category” menu.
  • Go to the “Television” menu.
  • Enter the brand and type of TV.
  • If it is digital, the brand and TV information will appear.
    If it doesn’t appear, it means your TV is still analog and needs an STB.


It is a review of how to change analog TV to digital and another discussion, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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