How to care for newborn chicks. Easy to do!

How to care for newborn chicks. Easy to do!

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Interested in raising chicks at home? So that they can grow up healthy and not die easily, let’s follow how to care for the newly born chicks below!

How to care for new chicks is certainly different from caring for adult chicks.

If they are not cared for properly, the chicks can easily get sick and die.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for beginners to know how to keep newborn chicks healthy.

Reported by various sources, see full explanation below!

How to care for newborn chicks

1. Set Room Temperature

how to raise chicks regulate the temperature of the coop


The first way to care for the chicks is to regulate the temperature and the heating system of the cage.

Newly born chicks are very susceptible to changes in ambient temperature.

Therefore, it is important to provide heaters with lamps and hatch

To regulate and control the temperature of the cage, you can use a thermometer that is in the chicken.

The recommended height is 20 to 30 centimeters above litter box

Not only that, you can also see the activity and the spread of the chicks making sure if they spread evenly, approach the heater, or just avoid the heater.

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2. Attention to air circulation

When raising chicks, paying attention to air circulation is an important thing that you should do.

This regulation of air circulation has an important role to help the bottom of the cage stay dry and avoid ammonia.

In any case, make sure that the ventilation does not allow the wind to enter the cage directly and is not too big.

This is done to prevent predators from entering the cage.

3. Give Chicken Vitamins Regularly

how to keep chickens give vitamins


Not only regulating the temperature of the cage, another way to keep the chicks fresh is to provide food and vitamins.

Give soluble vitamins to the drinking water of the chicks three days before and after vaccination.

This vaccination is usually done when the chicks are four days old, by dropping the vaccine on the chicken’s eyes.

For chicks that have just entered the coop, add a sugar solution to their drink at a concentration of two percent.

This is important to do to accelerate the chicken to obtain energy before the digestive organs are fully developed.

4. Pay attention to the density of the cage

The next way to keep chicks again is to observe the cage density.

The reason is, an overcrowded cage will reduce the availability of oxygen and influence the activity of the chicks.

Not only, cage hatch too dense can also trigger the chicks to peck.

Therefore, make sure that the cage is slightly thin again.

5. Clean the Cage Regularly

how to keep the chicks clean the coop


Finally, pay attention to the condition of the mat cage litter box routine.

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The bottom of the cage serves to accommodate and absorb water from the chicks’ feces.

In addition, the bottom of the cage can minimize the occurrence of blisters on the breast and legs of chicks.

With the importance of the function litter boxit is good if you clean it regularly.

Things to Pay Attention to

To properly care for the chicks again, there are a few things that must be taken care of.

Here are some of those things.

1. Prepare all the necessary facilities

Make sure you have prepared all the ingredients needed by the chicks.

The facilities that must be prepared include chicken feed, cages hatch, and vitamins.

2. Number of Chicks to be Maintained

In this case, you should have at least three to six chickens.

This amount is considered the ideal amount to minimize if later there are chicks that die from disease or are eaten by predators.

3. Types of Chicken

The gender of the chicken is another thing that you should consider carefully.

If you are a beginner, you should choose a hen instead of a rooster.

The reason, the rooster has a more aggressive nature.


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