How to calculate the needs of granite 60×60. Make no mistake, yes!

How to calculate the needs of granite 60×60. Make no mistake, yes!

how to calculate granite 60 x 60

Go, see how to calculate the need for granite 60 × 60, do not make a mistake in the calculation of material requirements.

When you want to install tiles for the floor of your house, there are many options, which of course vary.

Choices range from ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, wood floors, exposed concreteand much more.

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, just adjust to your needs.

Usually, people choose ceramics to cover the floor, while they like it natural feelingwooden floors are an option.

If there are excessive funds, the choice can be granite or marble, of course, these two materials are really more expensive than ceramics.

What is exposed concrete? If you choose an industrial style house, then such a plan is perfect.

Tips for calculating the needs of granite tiles

beautiful granite floor


Before knowing how to calculate the need for 60 × 60 granite, there are a number of calculation tips that you need to pay attention to.

Property site will discuss it in full citing various sources.

As a floor, granite tiles have characteristics that are robust, durable, cool and classy.

It’s just that, granite tiles have variations that are not much in comparison ceramic floor.

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These tiles are also durable, difficult to break, damage or crack when compared to ceramic or porcelain.

Granite tiles are made of natural stone, their appearance is shown by their irregular patterns and many colors.

It’s easy to care for, but you need to be careful because granite tiles have pores so they can leave stains.

Usually, there is a process of closing the pores of the granite surface every few years.

Installing granite tiles is also not easy and requires precision in installation and cutting.

Before installing granite tiles in the interior, there are a number of tips to calculate the tile needs.

  1. Pay attention to the type of granite tile product to be used. Do not forget to check the number and size of tiles in a carton.
  2. Accounts floor area the room where the granite tiles will be installed so there is no lack or excess.
  3. Calculate the volume of plin or material requirements accounts (barrier between floor and wall)
  4. Anticipating broken or damaged products and the need for additional pieces of tile in the corners or sides of the room.
  5. Adding a reserve volume for the inventory if it is necessary to replace the tiles with the same type and production code. You need to do this to anticipate the differences in colors and patterns so that they don’t look different.

Tips for choosing a good granite

granite tile cutting

Source: mentions the page to discuss this, of course, to have the right product.

  1. See the function of the room. You have to consider different types of granite for different rooms, of course, the granite for the living room is different from the terrace.
  2. Floor texture. You can use textured red granite for patios and garages, but choose a smooth texture for rooms in the house.
  3. Size of granite. If the house is wide, you can choose a size that is also wide so that the house looks spacious.
  4. Granite color. Consider the color of the granite so that it can give an effect or impression to the interior of the house.
  5. Adjust to the interior of the room. You have to align the choice of floor with the interior of the house.
  6. Check nat. Choice plastered or a good grout certainly has an impact on the perfect appearance of a granite floor.
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How to calculate the needs of 60 × 60 Granite

1. Calculate Floor Area

First, you need to know how much floor area your home has.

This is useful as a benchmark for how many floors you need to buy granite.

Because if you don’t do this one step, you have the potential of losing experiences due to incorrect calculations.

2. Count the number of Ceramics

After choosing the motifs and designs you like, don’t forget to check the ceramic number in a box.

A 60×60 granite tile box usually consists of 3 or 4 pieces.

Approximately one box can only cover more or less with accounts

60 cm x 60 cm x 3 = 1.08 m2

60 cm x 60 cm x 4 = 1.44 m2.

3. Calculate the area of ​​the room

Calculate the length x width of the room.

The second step is to calculate the floor area of ​​the room where the tiles will be installed.

For example, the length times the width of the room at home you are 4 meters x 5 meters = 20 square meters.

4. The formula to calculate the need for 60 × 60 granite

Floor area: square meters / box.

Count the number of tiles to be installed.

The surface of the floor is for example 20 square meters, you want to install a size of 60 × 60, then the calculation is

20 m2: 1.44 m2 = 13.8 dus

20 m2: 1.08 m2 = 18.5 dus

You need about 14 dus to 18 dus for 60 × 60 granite on a 20 m2 floor.

5. Calculating Skirting

Calculate the amount of material needed for plinth or skirting. Plinth requirement in units per chip.

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Area of ​​the room = 4m x 5m = 20m2.

Plinth size 10 x 40.

The plinth requirement is 20 m2: 0.4 m = 50 pieces.

6. Have a backup

To anticipate broken or damaged products as well as the need for additional ceramic pieces for the sides and corners of the room, there needs to be a backup.

At least, there is a reserve of 5 percent for spaces under 10 boxes.

Make sure you have a backup in case of broken tiles after installation.

So, this is how to easily calculate the need for granite 60 × 60.


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