How to calculate the need for bricks per meter correctly

How to calculate the need for bricks per meter correctly

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When building the walls of a house, one of the confusing things is estimating the need for raw materials. So, as a solution, you can use the following method to calculate the need for bricks per meter, Property People!

Manually calculating raw material requirements is very important for those of you who want to save a budget.

The reason is, every money that goes out has a clear use and purchase purpose.

You do not need to worry about excess material after the construction of the house is finished.

Well, one of the materials that often accumulate in the construction of houses are adobe bricks.

Therefore, before buying, do the following method to calculate the needs of the correct brick first, OK!

Brick Size Standard for Walls

First, first understand the standard size of bricks so you can easily calculate them.

The bricks you find on the market have the following dimensions:

  • length 40 cm,
  • height 20 cm,
  • 10 cm thick.

In addition, there is a hole in the center that serves as a binder for the mixture and also a safety measure.

How to calculate the need for bricks of standard sizes

1. The Size of a Pair of Bricks with Adhesive

how to calculate the need for bricks per meter

The construction of walls certainly does not only involve adobe materials, but also adhesives.

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So we need to add a distance of about 2-3 cm below and on the sides of the bricks.

This is the place of the adhesive between the bricks made of sand, cement and water.

In addition, the installation of bricks is usually done in a standing position.

Therefore, you only have to take into account the length and height.

So, how to calculate the size of a pair of bricks with 3 cm adhesive is as follows:

  • (brick length + sticker) x (brick height + sticker)
  • (40cm + 3cm) x (20cm + 3cm)
  • 43 cm x 23 cm
  • 989 cm2 = 0.09 square meters

This means that each brick installation needs a space of about 0.09 square meters.

2. The Need for Bricks per Square Meter

Let’s just say that the area of ​​the brick installation wall is 1 square meter, so how many bricks do you need?

For each square meter, you need approximately:

  • Installation area: the size of a pair of bricks
  • 1 square meter: 0.09 square meter
  • 11.11111 or 11 bricks

Therefore, for every square meter of wall, you need 11 bricks.

Let’s just say that the price of this building material is IDR 3,500 per piece, so to buy it, you need about:

  • The need for bricks x price per piece
  • 11 x Rp3,500
  • IDR 38,500

3. Simulation of Calculating Room Brick Needs

how to calculate standard brick requirements

If you are still confused, let’s try to do a simulation calculation just once.

Let’s say you have a 12 × 4 meter room with 2 meter high walls.

So you want to split it in half, so you have to build a new wall in the middle.

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The wall will be 4 meters wide by 2 meters high.

So the need for bricks to build is as follows:

  • Installation area: the size of a pair of bricks
  • (4 meters x 2 meters): 0.09 meters
  • 8: 0.09
  • 88.88888 pieces

If you round it up, the bricks needed are about 89 or 90 pieces, Friends 99.

Tips for building a brick wall to make the plan

how to calculate the need for bricks per meter

If you want to try building a brick wall yourself, make sure you learn how to do it first.

This is so that the wall does not crack in the middle of use so that the occupants also lose money later.

To make installation easier for beginners, you need at least the following tools:

  • A straight wooden post for poles
  • Fine sand without large pebbles
  • Lot stone to measure the straightness of the piles
  • Mango water scale to determine the average installation of the first brick
  • Carpenter’s thread to make a direct installation path

If all the tools are available, the first place stakes in each corner of the installation area

Once the stud is in place, stretch the wire from end to end making sure the track is straight.

Only then can you start laying the first brick, Sahabat 99.

Remember, when you assemble the bricks, you have to do it alternately so that the locks are tighter.


We hope that this method of calculating the need for standard size bricks is useful.

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