How to calculate the latest iron paint requirements per Kg

How to calculate the latest iron paint requirements per Kg

How to calculate the need for iron paint

Knowing how to calculate the need for iron paint is necessary to be able to prepare a home renovation budget correctly, see how.

Along with the age of the building, the iron fence model will look old. In fact, it is not rare to rust due to exposure to hot and rainy weather.

When you want to improve the appearance of an iron house fence, you need to estimate the needs of paint that will be used.

It is the same if you want to change the color of the window trellis paint or iron stairs at home.

The material requirements must be calculated correctly, including the iron base paint that will maximize the results of the painting.

Calculating the need for paint and thinner requires a formula that you can practice at home.

For ordinary people, of course, it is difficult to calculate the need for iron varnish for iron net house fences or other parts.

Of course, you don’t want the amount of paint needed to be less. However, when I wanted to buy again, it turned out that the same color was not available.

You should also avoid buying too much iron fence paint, because it has the potential to bring big losses.

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Advantages of calculating iron paint requirements for M2

Maybe you are often confused and ask 1 kg of iron varnish for how many m2.

Well, by calculating the need for painting, Property People can know the answer.

In addition, you may feel other benefits as well. Here is the explanation:

  • Practice how to calculate the need for iron paint per kg, you can estimate exactly the number of cans needed.
  • The calculation of the spreadability of iron paint per m2 can also make the renovation cost budget more accurate and efficient, so as not to buy excessively.
  • The results of the painting become more leverage, because the painting needs are completely fulfilled.

How to calculate the need for iron paint per kg for a house fence

need iron paint per m2 for house fences

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Here’s how to calculate the need for iron paint, it’s easy to apply. he referred it from various sources.

1. Calculate the Size of the Iron Fence

The first step to practice how to calculate the need to paint iron, find out how much volume of iron fence to be painted.

As an illustration, if the iron fence of the house is 6 meters long and 1.5 meters high, the calculation example is as follows:

a. Volume of iron fence = length x height

b. Volume pay besi = 6 mx 1.5 m = 9 m2.

2. Use Calculation Formulas

To find out the results of how to calculate the need for iron varnish, use the following formula:

Volume (litres) of paint required = (area x DFT) / (VS% x 10)

DFT: Dry film thickness

VS%: Persen solid volume

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All the numbers that must be entered are made up of the total area of ​​the iron fence to be painted with its dry thickness.


If you want to apply a brand of iron paint with a total area of ​​9 m2 and a dry thickness of 50 microns using a solid paint volume of 47%, then the calculation is:

Volume (litres) of paint required = (9 m2 x 50) / (47% x 10)

Volume (litres) of paint required = 0.95 litres

With the illustration of the calculation above, the amount of paint needed to cover a 9m2 iron fence is 0.95 to 1 liter.

How to calculate iron painting needs with painting services

how to calculate the need for 1 kg of iron varnish


There are times when you don’t have enough time to paint the fence, and you need the services of a daily painter.

In addition, you will also know the wholesale price of fence paint per meter in 2022.

Usually, the wholesale price of non-material iron fence paint ranges from Rp 200 thousand to Rp 250 thousand per m2.

Meanwhile, the wholesale cost of painting iron screen plus materials starts from Rp 400 thousand to Rp 600 thousand.

After knowing the volume of the iron fence to be painted, it is time to calculate the cost of painting the iron fence.

The following is the wholesale price of iron fence paint without material:

a. Iron fence painting cost = fence volume x wholesale price

b. The cost of painting an iron fence = 9 m2 x Rp 200 thousand = Rp 1.8 million.

Wholesale calculation with material:

a. Cost of painting iron screen: volume of fence x wholesale price

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b. The cost of painting an iron fence: 9 m2 x Rp 400 thousand = Rp 3.6 million.

Well, this is how to calculate the need for iron paint. I hope this article is useful for you!

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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