How to calculate light steel horses and installation tips

How to calculate light steel horses and installation tips

Mild steel horses

For a solid roof, the mild steel truss is a good material. Check out the full calculation and installation tips here!

The light steel roof is an integral part of meeting the needs of high quality roofs.

Mild steel is known to have strong and durable qualities, for long-term use, mild steel is an anti-rust and corrosion-resistant material.

Not only the general construction of the roof, there are many forming parts that greatly affect the quality of the roof.

One of them is the part of the horse that keeps the roof solid.

If you want to build a house, of course, you also have to know the needs and tips to choose the best horses.

How what? Check out the discussion together!

What are mild steel horses?

Horses for the roof


On a light steel roof, of course, you are very familiar with the construction in the form of a frame that works to keep roofs and strong buildings, including horses.

The horses have the necessary span, which can be installed structurally for durability.

In general, these horses have a size of 0.75 – 1 mm and are installed according to the formula determined according to the area of ​​the residential roof.

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Its function is not only to support the load of the tile, but also to distribute it to the structural parts below, so that the needs of a light steel roof are well met.

How to calculate a light steel horse with examples

Before counting horses, there are several important things you need to know:

1. Ceiling height

The height of the roof is calculated before determining the horses with the house: 1/2 x Building Width x Roof Angle Slope.

2. Slope of the roof

After the height, the value of the slope of the roof is obtained by this formula: 1/2 x Building Width x Cosine Slope Angle.

3. Overhang

Overstek can be interpreted as a part of the building that hangs without being supported by poles and walls with the formula: Length of Overscore x Cosine of Slope Angle.

Example of light steel horsepower calculation

Calculation of light steel horse


Not only a formula, you also need to know the calculation based on the case study.

For example, there is a house that measures 9 mx 8 m with an angle of 30 degrees. While the length of the overstek is 1 meter.

The calculation method is as follows:

Height (T): 1/2 x 8 mx tan 30= 4 mx 0.577 = 2.308 m.

Next, calculate the slope of the roof using the formula:

Kemiringan (K): 1/2 x 8 x cos 30= 4m x 0.866 = 3.464 m.

Also, the length of the overstake is known to be 1 meter, then:

O= 1 mx cos 30 = 1 mx 0.866 = 0.866 m.

Based on the results of these calculations, the total length of the side of the wing is: slope + overstek = 3.464m + 0.866 = 4.330m.

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Tips for installing a light steel horse

Calculation of the Need for Light Steel Horses


After knowing the calculation of the side of the horse, you also need to know the tips and the installation process so that the building remains solid.

Check the following steps so that the roof of the house works well for different construction requirements:

1. Choose the right roof

Being a composer of a light steel roof, of course the horses play an important role in supporting the roof, so it does not shake and rust.

Choosing the right roof protects the building from various weather conditions, so it is safer when in use.

2. Determine the Roof of the House

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the type of roof of the building, which is not only aesthetic, but also functional to its durability.

Each type of roof has a different installation technique.

3. Choice of a house Roof Material

Despite having a light steel construction, the types of roofs based on the material are very different from the lightest to the heaviest.

If the roof you use is quite heavy, then it must be supported with light and heavy steel, thus affecting the light steel used with a closer frame distance.

If it is too light, then it is quite fragile if it is blown by strong wind, extreme weather or hit by hard objects. For this roof, the recommended thickness is 0.25 nmm.

4. Use Reliable Technicians

To prevent the incorrect installation of a mild steel frame, be sure to use a reliable roofer or technician so that it works firmly.

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These are some important things to know how to calculate a mild steel horse with examples and tips to choose.

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