How to calculate AC electricity costs per month complete with formulas

How to calculate AC electricity costs per month complete with formulas

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AC electricity costs have a high impact on electricity bills. Find out how to calculate so as not to inflate completely.

The tropical climate with high temperatures makes many people install air conditioning in every room, at home and in the work area.

The use of air conditioning is very vital to increase daily productivity, so that the activities are not disturbed by the heat.

Not infrequently, the dependence on the AC causes the electricity bills of the house to swell more and more, even becoming very expensive.

There are many people who need air conditioning for various activities, especially indoors so that it is more comfortable and cool.

Therefore, the use of high intensity AC will greatly affect the electricity bill.

If it is not calculated properly, it is not impossible that the bill will swell just for the use of air conditioning at home.

To prevent this, how to calculate the cost of AC electricity so that it does not break? Check out the discussion together!

How to calculate home AC electricity needs using the Formula

Home AC parameters


So that the tariffs and electricity tokens do not break, there are several easy ways that you can do the following:

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1. Calculation formula

You can calculate the cost of AC per month using the following formula:

Electric power (kWH) x Duration of electricity use (hours) x cost (Rp).

2. Count the number of air conditioners in the house

AC source


After knowing the electricity group of the house, the next step that must be taken care of is the number of air conditioners that have been installed in the house.

For example, you can apply the following composition of home air conditioners:

  1. 1 AC PK unit with a power of 300 watts.
  2. Central 1 PK AC with 1250 watts of power.
  3. 1 AC PK unit with 650 watts of power.

3. Calculate Electric Power Usage

After recording the number of air conditioners in the house, you can illustrate how long the air conditioner has been turned on, for use it like this:

  1. The AC PK for the brother and sister room is activated from 7 am to 12 pm, and is reactivated from 5 am to 6 am. So the total AC power usage in this room is: 300 watts x 18 hours = 5,400 watts.
  2. Central 1 PK AC in the living room is from 3 pm to 9 pm every day. The use of 1 PK AC at home is: 1250 watts x 6 = 7500 watts.
  3. AC PK is used for the main bedroom, and it is from 8 hours to 5 hours every day, with the percentage: 650 watts x 9 = 5850 watts.

3. Daily AC electricity calculation

Cold House AC


The next step you can take is to calculate the overall AC power, ie:

Rumus: 5,400 watts + 7,500 watts + 5,850 watts = 18,750 watts.

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AC electricity used in kWH units must be divided by thousand first, with details:

18,750 watts: 1,000 = 18.75 kWh.

If it has been converted, you can calculate the daily cost with the following details:

18.75 kWh x Rp1,467.28 = Rp27,511.50.

Additionally, the AC electricity bill is converted into monthly units by:

Rp27,511.50,- x 30 days = Rp825,345,-.

AC electricity costs listed can change at any time, depending on the intensity of use, you can also shorten the time to make it cheaper.

How to save on the use of AC electricity at home

If you have any objections if your AC bill becomes expensive, consider the following tips to make it cheaper and more efficient:

  1. Choose an energy efficient air conditioner.
  2. Adjust the size of the air conditioner to the PK value for a room.
  3. Clean the air conditioner regularly to maintain the performance of the air conditioner.
  4. Set the time on the air conditioner to be more effective.
  5. Give it time to rest for the air conditioning if it is optimally cold.
  6. Activate the blower function on the air conditioner.
  7. Adjust the temperature to the optimum point so that the load does not overheat.


These are some steps for Property People in calculating the need for AC electricity costs to be more efficient.

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